Carrefour Poland and Saatchi & Saatchi protects employees with the ‘Uniform that Cares’

Carrefour and Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive Solutions (IS) Poland have launched the latest innovation in employee health protection – the ‘Uniform that Cares’, a specially created Carrefour uniform designed to protect employees against airborne viruses and bacteria. Thousands of customers visit Carrefour stores every day. This means that at the turn of winter and spring, when many people get ill, checkout staff are potentially exposed to a great number of germs. The ‘Uniform that Cares’ is a shirt made from a revolutionary new fabric, CottonX, which fights against viruses and…

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Grey Announces UNICEF Partership & Formation of the UNICEF + Grey Global Kids Council

As Grey turns 100 years old, the agency has started to work with UNICEF to focus on the next generation, solving world problems with creativity. Together they will create the UNICEF + Grey Global Kids Council for mentorship and marketing initiatives and, more immediately, a back-to-school pro bono campaign, launching in the Autumn. The UNICEF + Grey Global Kids Council is a nod to Grey’s longstanding Global Creative Council that comes together each year to discuss work. The kids version will comprise young people from six countries across six continents…

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Catherine Tate lends her voice to new NSPCC campaign

Doctor Who star Catherine Tate is backing an NSPCC and O2 campaign urging parents to make online safety as high a priority for their children as road safety. It comes as a survey of parents of 8-13 year olds finds only 19% are frequently discussing the topic with their children. The findings also revealed that just 17% of parents talk to their child about changing the location settings on the apps and sites they use, which could leave them vulnerable to being targeted by online abusers. Recent NSPCC and O2…

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Ogilvy & Mather Italy run the Ad/sorbent Campaign for Breath

The Breath

As you may know we have covered the Breath a few times before. The Breath is a ground-breaking material hailed by medical experts for its ability to absorb harmful airborne molecules and disperse cleaner air. Ogilvy Italy, in partnership with Urban Vision created the Ad/sorbent Campaign and replaced the wrapping of 4 grand spaces in Milan, Rome and London with The Breath® technology. The result was, in 15 days the wrapping absorbed the pollution from over 67,000 cars. Ogilvy Italy has created the above ad as a way to highlight…

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Past Campaigns – Maltesers’ ‘Look on the Light Side’


In 2016, Mars Chocolate UK launched a series of adverts for its Maltesers brand that championed diversity and disability after winning Channel 4’s £1m Superhumans Wanted competition, as it looked to break down the taboo surrounding disability. Mars launched 3 new ads, which were created by Mars Chocolate and AMV BBDO. They were be broadcast for the first time on Channel 4 during the 2016 Paralympics Games Opening Ceremony.  Mars Chocolate UK’s vice-president of marketing Michele Oliver speaking to Marketing Week at the time admitted the company previously “did not fully…

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