4 Unethical Marketing Practices You Need To Avoid! by Scarlett Erin

When one starts a company, either online or in real life, many have hopes of striking it rich. However, not everyone wants to make money honestly using hard work, not everyone has what it takes to be successful solely through ethical marketing practices. This is exactly why many people start engaging in unethical marketing practices. The goal here may be to trick customers into buying more, shutting out their competition, or simply enhancing their own name in some way. If the process is not strictly honest, the company may be…

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How to Market Your Brand Ethically From a Graphic Designers View

We are pleased to present this article on “How to Market Your Brand Ethically From a Graphic Designers View” by One Line – Ethical Graphic Design: When I first thought about writing this article, I thought the answer was very simple. Be honest. Doesn’t make for a great article but if you’ve only got 30 seconds to spare then, spoiler alert, that is still my conclusion. Running a business I don’t have a huge amount of spare time on my hands but when I do, the area of ethics in…

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5 Reasons Smaller Companies Should Embrace Social Responsibility


An important part of Ethical Marketing can be the company’s use of social responsibility. The easiest way to start this is showcase Wikipedia’s definition: “Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity be at an organisation or individual has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.“ Many companies don’t necessarily always act for the benefit of society at large but they do have social responsibility programs. These allow them to give something back to society, more often than not on a local level.…

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