Co-op Food’s Mother’s Day campaign helps daughter surprise her mum

Co-op Mothers

The Co-operative’s new ad for Mothers Day stars real-life mum and daughter June and Emma.  The strapline for the campaign is “Make your Mother’s Day”,  and it’ll be supported by digital display, social media, press, out of home and in-store activity.  The ad was devised by Co-op and the agency Forever Beta. Jemima Bird, Customer Director at Co-op, said: “We know that what mums really care about is spending quality time with their family and food plays such an important role in this. Whether it be a family meal or…

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Cancer Research UK launches “Because of You” Mother’s Day campaign

cancer researck uk

Cancer Research UK has launched a new campaign to thank its 1.1million regular supporters and spread the message that, ‘Because of you’, mums are still sharing special every day moments right now. The “Because of you” campaign is aimed at supporters of the charity, which says donations have directly increased survival rates from one in four to two in four for ten years or more – meaning “thousands of mums are still being mum right now.”  A team of incredible women who have been treated for cancer captured their own…

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8 Ethical Marketing Resources

I thought it might be nice to include some links which might help some Ethical Marketers, these come from a variety of places so may not be applicable to your country or area, so please check appropriately. Some interesting articles: – Monster’s Four Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing by Francesca Di Meglio – 7 Ethical Dilemma’s faced in Ethical Marketing by Dr Jim Barry – 5 principles of enlightened marketing by Scott Thompson  – Ethical marketing and its role in running an ethical business By Hitesh Bhasin…

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Fairtrade launches new Video Ad for Fairtrade Fortnight


Fairtrade, in the UK, have released a powerful new video ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight titled “Don’t Feed Exploitation”. The advert, which is in many ways an anti-John Lewis style advert, in that it conveys an emotional message and does not make you come away feeling better about yourself. The video, feaures a powerful message and is an interesting way to shake people out of the complacency they might feel when buying food.  It starts with people stopping someone on a high street an explaining to them that they represent ‘Farley…

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