Fairtrade Fortnight 2018: Fairtrade invites you to ‘Come On In’

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 will challenge the British public to open their doors to Fairtrade and help close the door on the exploitation facing the people who produce the things we love to eat, drink, and wear. The nationwide celebrity fronted campaign ‘Come On In’ will run from Monday 26 February until Sunday 11 March and will invite you to come in to the world of the people who grow our food to see what life can be like when farmers and workers aren’t paid fairly. The campaign will also explore…

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Co-op announces it’s the first UK retailer to source 100% Fairtrade cocoa.

On 25th February 2017, on the eve of Fairtrade Forthnight, announced that it is to become the first UK retailer to sell and use only Fairtrade cocoa in all of its products. Working in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation to create a new sourcing model, Co-op has now thrown down the gauntlet to other food retailers calling on them to follow its lead in increasing their commitment to Fairtrade cocoa farmers. Landmark Move The landmark move means that all cocoa in Co-op’s own-brand ranges will be bought entirely through a new retail-ready version…

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Fairtrade launches new Video Ad for Fairtrade Fortnight


Fairtrade, in the UK, have released a powerful new video ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight titled “Don’t Feed Exploitation”. The advert, which is in many ways an anti-John Lewis style advert, in that it conveys an emotional message and does not make you come away feeling better about yourself. The video, feaures a powerful message and is an interesting way to shake people out of the complacency they might feel when buying food.  It starts with people stopping someone on a high street an explaining to them that they represent ‘Farley…

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