IKEA announces Better Chicken Programme for more sustainable agriculture

IKEA Food Services wants to have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet. IKEA Food has developed the Better Programmes to address and focus ambitions for more sustainable agriculture for all major animals in the IKEA food supply chain. Through the Better Chicken Programme IKEA Food aims to ensure broiler chickens are raised in accordance with criteria that promote better welfare such as adequate space (max 30 kg/m2), lighting, enrichment and breeds with improved health outcomes. They work towards responsible use of antibiotics and address key environmental impacts…

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Past Campaigns – Ikea – Dining Room

Ikea - Dining

It’s incredible to think that only 5 years ago JC Penney were boycotted by One Million Moms for featuring a lesbian couple in one of their mother’s day ads, and yet nearly 20 years before that in 1994 Ikea broke convention and featured a gay couple in one of their ads. At the time Fred Danzig, editor of the trade magazine Advertising Age said: “It is one small step for Madison Avenue, but it is one giant leap for the gay community, there has never been anything like this before.”…

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