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We have been getting a lot of submissions, thanks to everyone for reaching out and we can now not really consider every submission. 

We will now only really consider submissions from professional people working within the industry specifically about Ethical Marketing.

We will also considered sponsored posts, but they will also be marked specifically as paid content and we will also require any piece submitted for a sponsored post to be about Ethical Marketing/Advertising. 

If the form does not work, we have heard reports it doesn’t seem to work for certain browsers, we are looking into it just now, feel free to email me directly on: submissions@ethicalmarketingnews.com

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About Us

Ethical Marketing News was formed in February 2017 by Stuart Mitchell.

Stuart is a marketing professional with many years experience. He currently runs and owns SM Marketing in Aberdeen, Scotland. When setting up SM Marketing as an ethical marketing company he noticed there weren’t any real ethical marketing resources and so he created Ethical Marketing News.