The Food Recovery Network Partners With The Wine RayZyn Company To Launch The Rescue RayZyns™ Campaign

With many vineyards completely destroyed by the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma County,  Food Recovery Network and The Wine RayZyn Company have partnered to repurpose unharvested wine grapes from vineyards affected and turn them into Rescue RayZyns™.

While most wine grapes affected by the fires are no longer suitable for making wine, they are great for making Wine RayZyns, a crunchy superfood snack made from wine grapes, hand-harvested in Napa and surrounding areas by The Wine RayZyn Company.

The Rescue RayZyns™ initiative is a way to eliminate food waste and feed victims of natural disasters.

Turning damaged wine grapes into Rescue RayZyns™ will provide a “second harvest” for laborers and vineyards, taking grapes that would otherwise go unused and use them to feed those affected. This project represents a key step toward helping raise awareness around eliminating food waste and highlighting the ability to repurpose the fallout of one disaster to directly benefit victims of other natural disasters.

Food Recovery Network’s Executive Director, Regina Northouse noted, “It’s inspiring to be able to collaborate with The Wine RayZyn Company to turn what was such a horrific event into a partnership that can ensure perfectly good food can still be used to feed people, and fight food waste.”

Rescue RayZyns™ carry a 2+ year shelf life and will help victims of the Northern California wildfires, as well as victims from the hurricanes in Florida, Houston, Puerto Rico. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Rescue RayZyns™ will directly benefit the Napa/Sonoma/Santa Rosa Fire efforts.

Rescue RayZyns™ are a symbol of rebuilding, nourishment and community following tragic disasters. The Wine RayZyn Company has started a GoFundMe in order fund the costs associated with processing and distributing Rescue RayZyns™.  Needed donations will allow The Wine RayZyn Company to hire farm laborers and repurpose unused wine grapes in order to feed the victims affected by this and other disasters. To donate please visit:


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