RESTANCE Looks to Marry Globally Recognized Brand Names With Profitable and Socially Responsible New Enterprises in Africa

RESTANCE, Inc. today announced an online presentation detailing the company’s global brand name partnership strategy for implementing highly profitable, socially responsible development projects in Africa. The presentation explains how its contract to manufacture condoms in Africa under the Playboy brand name, starting first in Kenya, is a model for an expanded pipeline of development projects in Africa. RESTANCE recently announced a contract to manufacture condoms with the Playboy brand name and bunny head logo for distribution starting in Kenya. RESTANCE is participating in the highly profitable and socially responsible enterprise…

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Opportunities worth £820bn being missed by not highlighting sustainability

Research from Unilever shows that up to a third of consumers now consider the environmental and social impact before choosing their favoured brands. The study asked 20,000 adults from five countries how their sustainability concerns impact their choices in-store and at home. Crucially, it then mapped their claims against real purchase decisions, giving a more accurate picture than ever of what people are actually buying – and why. As well as confirming the public’s high expectations of brands when it comes to having a positive social and environmental impact, the…

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5 Reasons Smaller Companies Should Embrace Social Responsibility


An important part of Ethical Marketing can be the company’s use of social responsibility. The easiest way to start this is showcase Wikipedia’s definition: “Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity be at an organisation or individual has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.“ Many companies don’t necessarily always act for the benefit of society at large but they do have social responsibility programs. These allow them to give something back to society, more often than not on a local level.…

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