200+ Major U.S. Companies Oppose Anti-LGBTQ+ State Legislation

The Human Rights Campaign and Freedom for All Americans have announced that more than 200 major companies have joined together to sign on to the Human Rights Campaign and Freedom for All Americans Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation. Together, these companies are united in opposing the wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, much of which specifically harms transgender youth, in states across the country. The list of signatories has more than quadrupled in the past year.

“Every day, more and more major businesses are refusing to sit idly by as state legislators across the country push anti-transgender legislation and other bills affecting their LGBTQ+ workers, customers, and clients,” said Joni Madison, Interim President Joni Madison, Human Rights Campaign. “Cruel legislative attacks, especially against transgender youth, force employees to choose between states where they can provide for their families and where their LGBTQ+ children can live without fear. Businesses know it’s hard to attract employees under ideal circumstances and that it is almost impossible to convince top recruits to relocate to places where legislators are working overtime to deny LGBTQ+ youth opportunities to fully participate in daily life. In an already competitive job market, these attacks make recruitment and retention even harder. We thank the over 200 companies who are calling on lawmakers who want to maintain a strong business climate in their state to stop pushing this discriminatory legislation.”

“Business leaders across a variety of innovative industries and sectors continue to make it clear that inclusive environments are pro-business environments,” said Kasey Suffredini, CEO and National Campaign Director, Freedom for All Americans, the campaign to secure LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections nationwide. “The cruel legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ people, particularly transgender young people, at the state level harm real families, and they also add to businesses’ operational, recruitment, and retention challenges in an already tight job market. As states continue to recover from the pandemic, legislators should focus on policies that lift up our local economies, not make it even more difficult for vulnerable families to take care of themselves and their loved ones.”

“As a socially responsible business, Amalgamated Bank believes our employees and our clients deserve a pro-business and pro-family environment. This spate of anti-LGBTQ state legislation is anti-business and anti-family. These hateful legislative efforts are an attack on democracy and basic human rights,” said Maura Keaney, First Vice President, Commercial Banking, Amalgamated Bank.

“Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to BASF’s values. As a major employer, our success depends on a safe and welcoming work environment where people of all backgrounds feel supported to do their best work,” said Patricia Rossman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, BASF Corporation. “We can’t attract and develop great talent in one state or community and not have those individuals feel supported in another location due to varying laws and protections. Our business succeeds on the strength of creating inclusive, caring and connected environments that are free from bias and discrimination and bring out the best in all of us.”

“At Bright Horizons in our classrooms and offices, inclusion, acceptance and celebrating our differences are part of the fabric of who we are,” said Stephen Kramer, CEO, Bright Horizons. “As leaders, educators, parents and friends who want all children to grow up with pride in themselves and compassion for others, we need to stand up against anti-LGBTG legislation. We won’t stay silent. Love is love, and hate is hurtful. And all children deserve support and compassion in their education and throughout their lives.”

“The LGBTQ community faces many challenges across the country. IBM strongly believes recent actions and new proposals by state government targeting the LGBTQ community and particularly trans youth is discriminatory and wrongly creates fear and uncertainty for American families,” said Carla Grant Pickens, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, IBM. “Our company has a long history of supporting diversity and inclusion. We will continue to stand up for all IBMers and to provide gender-affirming medical coverage to our employees and their dependents in the U.S.”

“The fight for LGBTQIA+ equality remains front and center for Levi Strauss & Co.,” said Anna Walker, Vice President of Public Affairs, Levi Strauss & Co. “We are committed to building inclusive environments for our employees and demand policies that make places where we do business safe for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“Lush is proud of our long history campaigning for transgender and LGBTQ rights, and providing an inclusive workplace environment for our LGBTQ employees and their families,” said Brandi Halls, Chief Ethics Officer, Lush Cosmetics North America. “Fairness, equal treatment, and opportunity are central to our values and we strive to do everything we can to protect our employees. Yet we continue to see the advancement of dangerous bills attacking transgender children and LGBTQ people who are simply trying to work hard, take care of their loved ones, and go about their daily lives, like all of us. Legislation promoting discrimination causes immediate harm to real people, our customers, our business, and our families. We urge lawmakers to stop these hurtful attacks.”

“Many investors, like Trillium, understand that the deep and profound harm that comes from creating an anti-LGBTQ+ environment is not only an economic headwind that is value-destroying, but is fundamentally contrary to American values of liberty, freedom, and justice,” said Jonas D. Kron, Chief Advocacy Officer, Trillium Asset Management. “This growing group of business leaders that have signed this letter represents the powerful belief that our nation and economy are stronger and more resilient when we embrace our diversity and emphasize equity and inclusion.”

“The bills being introduced into state houses across the country that single out LGBTQ+ individuals do not benefit business, particularly the small and medium sized businesses that we serve,” said Samantha Wellington, Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Legal Officer, TriNet. “We believe that they increase complexity adding nuances that any business, but specifically a small or medium sized business operating across state lines will find difficult to navigate. The care and concern TriNet has for its stakeholders is a foundational element of our Company’s Core Values which support our vision of becoming the most trusted advisor to small and medium-size businesses by harnessing the power of scale.”

“At Unity, we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it and that these creators, no matter who they are, what they believe or how they identify, should be protected against exclusion, harassment or isolation they may endure based on LGBTQ+ status,” said John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity. “This is why Unity stands with other businesses in signing the National Business Statement so that people of all backgrounds feel safe and included no matter where they are.”

“23andMe stands by our LGBTQ+ employees, customers, families and children in promoting fairness and equality, and condemns the recent legislative efforts across the US that discriminate against the transgender community,” said Anne Wojcicki, CEO and Co-Founder, 23andMe. “As a company grounded in science and an advocate of providing access to healthcare for everyone, this legislation is counter to what we stand for. We are proud to stand with over 200 companies in supporting the Human Rights Campaign’s business statement on anti-LGBTQ state legislation.”

Business leaders consistently report that they have difficulty with recruitment, retention, and tourism in states that debate or pass legislation that excludes LGBTQ+ people from full participation in daily life, and that includes the children of their valued employees and recruits. These policy fights negatively impact businesses operationally and financially, and needlessly put the safety and wellbeing of their team members and their families at risk.

Last year, a record 26 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were enacted into law across ten states. In 2022, at least 320 anti-LGBTQ+ bills are already pending in state legislatures, more than half of which specifically target transgender youth and ban them from being able to fully participate in everyday life.

Lawmakers in statehouses nationwide are seeking to ban transgender youth from participating in sports; criminalize medically necessary, life-saving healthcare for transgender youth; ban discussion of LGBTQ+ youth and families in classrooms, effectively erasing our community; revive “bathroom bills” to prohibit transgender young people from simply using the restroom at school; and even undermine companies’ own internal inclusion and safe workplace programs.

The business statement reads as follows:

The companies joining this statement do business, create jobs, and serve customers throughout the United States. Our businesses strongly embrace diversity and inclusion because we want everyone who works for us or does business with us to feel included and welcomed as their true, authentic selves. Fairness, equal treatment, and opportunity are central to our corporate values because we care about our employees and the customers we serve. What’s more, these values also matter to our bottom lines. Inclusive business practices lead to more productive and engaged employees, increased customer satisfaction; and, ultimately, improved competitiveness and financial performance.

We are deeply concerned by the bills being introduced in statehouses across the country that single out LGBTQ+ individuals – many specifically targeting transgender youth – for exclusion or differential treatment. Laws that would affect access to medical care for transgender people, parental rights, social and family services, student sports, or access to public facilities such as restrooms, unnecessarily and uncharitably single out already marginalized groups for additional disadvantage. They seek to put the authority of state government behind discrimination and promote mistreatment of a targeted LBGTQ population.

These bills would harm our team members and their families, stripping them of opportunities and making them feel unwelcome and at risk in their own communities. As such, it can be exceedingly difficult for us to recruit the most qualified candidates for jobs in states that pursue such laws, and these measures can place substantial burdens on the families of our employees who already reside in these states. Legislation promoting discrimination directly affects our businesses, whether or not it occurs in the workplace.

As we make complex decisions about where to invest and grow, these issues can influence our decisions. America’s business community has consistently communicated to lawmakers at every level that such laws have a negative effect on our employees, our customers, our competitiveness, and state and national economies.

As business leaders dedicated to equal treatment, respect, and opportunity for all – as well as to improve the financial and investment climate across the country – we call for public leaders to abandon or oppose efforts to enact this type of discriminatory legislation and ensure fairness for all Americans.

National Business Statement Opposing Anti-LGBTQ+ State Legislation

FFAA: National Business Statement Opposing Anti-LGBTQ+ State Legislation


  1. 23andMe
  2. 2U, Inc.
  3. Accenture
  4. Acxiom LLC
  5. The Adecco Group
  6. Adobe Inc.
  7. Advance Auto Parts
  8. AEO Inc.
  9. Affirm
  10. Airbnb
  11. AllianceBernstein
  12. Ally
  13. Altria Group Inc.
  14. Amalgamated Bank
  15. Amazon
  16. American Airlines
  17. American Express
  18. American Honda Motor Company
  19. Amgen, Inc.
  20. Anaplan
  21. Apple
  22. Applied Materials, Inc.
  23. Arcadis U.S. Inc.
  24. Asana, Inc.
  25. AT&T
  26. Atlassian
  27. Autodesk
  28. Avanade, Inc.
  29. Baker Tilly US
  30. BASF Corporation
  31. Bayer US LLC
  32. BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe)
  33. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.
  34. Berkshire Bank
  35. Biogen
  36. Block, Inc. (Formerly Square, Inc.)
  37. Bloomberg LP
  38. Blueprint Medicines
  39. Boehringer Ingelheim USA
  40. Boston Consulting Group
  41. Boston Scientific
  42. Bounteous
  43. Box, Inc.
  44. Bright Health Group
  45. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  46. Brown-Forman Corporation
  47. Capital One
  48. Cardinal Health
  49. Cargill
  50. Cargo Transporters, Inc.
  51. Celanese
  52. Center for Community Self-Help
  53. Citigroup Inc.
  54. Chobani
  55. CNA Insurance
  56. The College Board
  57. Comcast NBCUniversal
  58. Compass
  59. CONVERSE, Inc.
  60. CSAA Insurance Group
  61. Curology
  62. CVS Health
  63. Dechert LLP
  64. Deckers Brands (UGG, HOKA, Teva, Sanuk and Koolaburra by UGG)
  65. Dell Technologies
  66. Deutsche Bank USA Corp.
  67. Dow Inc.
  68. Dropbox Inc.
  69. DWS Investments
  70. Early Warning Services, LLC
  71. Eastern Bank
  72. Elanco Animal Health
  73. Electronic Arts
  74. EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma and EMD Electronics
  75. Equinix
  76. Equitable
  77. Etsy, Inc.
  78. FactSet Research Systems Inc.
  79. Fastly
  80. Flexport, Inc.
  81. GAP, Inc.
  82. Gearbox
  83. General Mills
  84. General Motors
  85. Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  86. GitHub
  87. GoDaddy
  88. Google
  89. GP Strategies Corporation
  90. Gusto
  91. H&M
  92. H&R Block
  93. The Hartford
  94. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  95. HP Inc.
  96. Hilton
  97. HSBC Bank USA
  98. Hyatt
  99. Hyve Solutions
  100. IBM
  101. ICM Partners
  102. IHG Hotels & Resorts
  103. HIS Markit
  104. IKEA
  105. Included Health
  106. Instacart
  107. Intel
  108. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
  109. Interpublic Group
  110. Intuit
  111. Invitae Corporation
  112. Jacobs
  113. Johnson & Johnson
  114. Kellogg Company
  115. The Knot Worldwide
  116. The Kraft Heinz Company
  117. LegalZoom
  118. Levi Strauss & Co.
  119. Lexmark International, Inc.
  120. LinkedIn
  121. Lululemon
  122. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
  123. Lyft, Inc.
  124. Macy’s, Inc
  125. Mailchimp
  126. Marriott International, Inc.
  127. Mars, North America
  128. Marsh McLennan
  129. MassMutual
  130. Mattel, Inc.
  131. Medtronic
  132. Meta
  133. MetLife, Inc.
  134. Micron
  135. Microsoft
  136. Mobilize
  137. Momentive
  138. MolsonCoors
  139. Mondelez International
  140. New Belgium Brewing
  141. NextRoll, Inc.
  142. NI
  143. Nielsen
  144. Nike, Inc.
  145. Nordstrom, Inc.
  146. Nuance Communications
  147. Okta
  148. Oracle Corporation
  149. Paramount Global
  150. Pariveda Solutions
  151. Patagonia
  152. Patreon
  153. PayPal
  154. Peloton Interactive, Inc.
  155. PepsiCo
  156. Pinterest
  157. Pfizer Inc.
  158. PNC Financial Services Group
  159. Prudential Financial, Inc.
  160. PwC
  161. Randstad US
  162. RedFin Real Estate
  163. Red Hat, Inc.
  164. REI Co-op
  165. Ripple
  166. Royal Bank of Canada
  167. Salesforce
  168. SAP
  169. Shipt, Inc.
  170. Shutterstock
  171. Signet Jewelers
  172. Silicon Labs
  173. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  174. Splunk
  175. Starbucks
  176. State Street Corporation
  177. SunLife
  178. Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, including member companies Danone North America; Mars, Incorporated; Nestlé USA; and Unilever United States
  179. Symetra Life Insurance Company
  180. Synchrony Financial
  181. Target
  182. TD SYNNEX
  183. TechNet
  184. Teva Pharmaceuticals
  185. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  186. Tinuiti, Inc
  187. T-Mobile USA Inc.
  188. Trane Technologies
  189. Trillium Asset Management
  190. TriNet Group, Inc.
  191. Tripadvisor
  192. Twitter Inc.
  193. Uber
  194. UKG
  195. Unilever United States
  196. Union Pacific
  197. United Airlines
  198. Unity
  199. Verizon
  200. Via Transportation
  201. VMLY&R
  202. VMware
  203. The Walt Disney Company
  204. Warby Parker
  205. WarnerMedia
  206. Warner Music Group
  207. Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
  208. WE Communications
  209. Weber Shandwick
  210. Wells Fargo
  211. Workday, Inc.
  212. Xperi Holding Corporation
  213. Xylem
  214. Yahoo
  215. Yelp Inc.
  216. Yext
  217. Zendesk
  218. Ziff Davis
  219. Zillow Group
  220. Zoom Video Communications
  221. Zynga Games

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