25,000 online fundraising pages set up to help people with the cost-of-living crisis

Almost 25,000 online fundraising pages have been set up by charities and crowdfunders to help people cope with the cost-of-living crisis, according to insight from JustGiving, the UK’s leading online fundraising platform.

Crowdfunders and charities have collectively raised over £12 million through the platform so far this year, to help ease the burden of rent, mortgage payments and energy bills, as well as helping people gain access to food.

Pages created to support people with their energy bills have seen the biggest surge, growing by over 1,600% and collectively raising almost £75,000. This is in stark contrast to last year, where donations to help with energy bills totalled just over £2,000.  

Furthermore, JustGiving’s insight shows gaining access to food is becoming more difficult for peoples across the country. Since last year, the number of crowdfunding and charity pages set up to help people gain access to food has increased by over a quarter (29%).

Overall, the data shows that the number online pages set up to help people with rent and mortgage payments has broadly remained the same as last year. However, it’s anticipated that due to the knock-on effect of all other costs, more people will need help paying these bills in the coming months.

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager at JustGiving, said: The cost-of-living crisis is something that is affecting millions of people across the country right now and we’re seeing this reflected on our platform.

“Whilst it’s heartbreaking that so many people are having to turn to charities and their communities for help, the generosity shown by individuals across the country is extraordinary.

“As we get deeper into the winter, the situation will likely worsen. We’re here to help support those individuals, communities and charities who are struggling.”

Charlotte Phillip, Director at Umbrella Café, said: “As a non-for-profit community café we exist to combat social isolation and food insecurity in our local community of Whitstable.

“The demand for our services is the highest it’s ever been and sadly, we have 20 households on our waiting list for access to our social pantry and low-cost food shop.

“Unfortunately, due to our oven being on constant overdrive, it’s now failing and we’re in desperate need of a new one. Just a few days ago we set up a crowdfunding page to help pay for this, and already it’s reached £3000 in donations from individuals within our community which is just amazing. We’re so grateful that we can keep on cooking and supporting those who need us most.”

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