3M and PFLAG created #ParentsComingOut program

3M and PFLAG have worked together to create the #ParentsComingOut program. The campaign is designed to give the parents of LGBTQ people a chance to share their perspective in a video and website, this has been made by Minneapolis agency Colle McVoy for nonprofit advocacy group PFLAG.

The #ParentsComingOut program and video are meant to uplift the LGBTQ community, as well as galvanize parents of LGBTQ kids. The movement was created to encourage people to send messages of support to their kids and to spread the message for all to see. Coming out is tough, but parental support can make it easier. When parents and families share their personal stories of support, they not only bolster their kids, but embolden others to do the same for their own kids.

Hilary King, Marketing and Business Development Strategist and Chairperson of 3M LBGT Community told us: 

“3M has been a proud sponsor of Pride for more than 20 years. The #ParentsComingOut campaign evolved out of the Command™ Brand’s aim to support people fearlessly making their space their own, which means fearlessly being yourself. Because coming out is tough, the public support of loved ones can make all the difference in a person’s life.”

3M has been a proud partner of Pride for more than 20 years and this video project evolved out of the 2017 Pride celebration. A website, www.parentscomingout.com, also describes the program and will continually share messages of support as they are posted on social media.






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