5, 6, 7, Don-8! Steps get behind Prince’s Trust month-long challenge to help young people in the UK

Pop group Steps have joined forces with the Prince’s Trust to support the upcoming Future Steps challenge, which aims to get people on their feet for a good cause.

The 10,000 steps-a-day challenge, powered by Utilita, will run throughout February to raise vital funds in a bid to support young people through the difficult times ahead. Against a backdrop of rising unemployment brought on by the pandemic, The Trust is giving young people hope for the future by supporting them to develop the confidence and skills they need to move into work, education and training.

Steps announced their support for the campaign in a post on their Instagram channel. Speaking about their involvement, band member Faye said: “We’ve always admired the work The Prince’s Trust does to help young people get their lives on track and have got some great memories of supporting them through our performances at their Party in the Park concerts. We’re so excited to join forces again and can’t wait to get lots of people moving for such an important cause!

Through their TikTok channel, the group will encourage people to get involved with Future Steps by setting a step-related challenge that will get everyone on track towards their daily target and feeling positive about the future.

Band member H explains:

It’s been a really tough year for everyone, with the pandemic affecting pretty much every aspect of daily life. It’s so important to stay upbeat at times like this and we’d love to see people bringing their positivity to social media by having a go at our challenge.

“The challenge is simple – just walk as many steps as you can to the chorus of ‘What the Future Holds’ while sharing your top three aspirations for 2021” says Claire from the group.

“These can be anything from ‘build my confidence’ to ‘learn a new skill’ – I know, for example, that one of my own goals is to develop my personal training business” says Lee.

Steps member Lisa added: “It’s so important to get the right support when you’re starting out your career – I know I certainly benefited a lot from my training at Italia Conti as a teenager which prepared me for a career as a performer. 

Too many young people aren’t getting these opportunities right now, and that’s why the support provided by The Prince’s Trust is more important than ever. By raising money through Future Steps, you can help to sustain a lifeline for young people who might not have anywhere else to turn to.

Bill Bullen, environmentalist and founder of Utilita said: “There’s never been a more important time to make a massive effort to support those around us. We are proud to partner with The Prince’s Trust to power the Future Steps campaign. In the last year,  our own Energy High 5 campaign has helped millions of homes save up to £163 per year by making five free and simple changes at home – every bit of help matters today.”

Help young people take the next step to transform their lives by signing up for Future Steps here, and remember to tag your posts with the hashtag #FutureSteps, @PrincesTrust and @StepsOfficial.

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