Acer’s Global Environmental Initiatives Win Multiple Red Dot Awards

Acer received multiple 2022 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design awards for projects across various categories, including packaging, campaign, film, and animation designs. The Aspire Vero and Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition both took home the “Packaging Design” award for their eco-friendly and innovative packaging designs. Acer’s company-wide awareness initiative, the Project Humanity documentary and campaign, obtained two awards in the “Film & Animation” and “Advertising” categories. These newest accolades add to the growing list of Red Dot Design awards that Acer has accumulated over the years.

The Red Dot Design awards is an internationally recognized competition that aims to acknowledge innovative companies and give due recognition for their next-generation concept designs. A panel consisting of international design experts, ranging from various industries and backgrounds, were tasked to assess each submission based on their own individual merits. Acer bested more than 9,000 entries, ranging from 50 countries in receiving these prestigious distinctions.

Acer Aspire Vero Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

The green packaging design is part of Acer’s first sustainability-focused laptop, the Aspire Vero, that features several green innovations.

The Acer Aspire Vero’s packaging was conceptualized from the ground up with the purpose of incorporating reusable packaging components to reduce waste generation, without sacrificing the product’s protection. The box is made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp and uses paper sleeves for its adapter’s protective casing. The remaining packaging is also 100% recyclable, while its inner partition and can be converted into an adjustable notebook stand with just a few easy steps. Furthermore, the laptop bag and the sheet between the keyboard is made with 100% recycled PET.

Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition’s Green Packaging Design

The Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition’s packaging is designed to embody an iconic and eco-friendly image. Similar to the Aspire Vero’s packaging, it selects 100% recyclable materials and features a reusable design, a reflection of Acer’s adherence to environmental care and sustainable resources, as well as incorporating environmental awareness into the brand’s image.

The packaging not only offers a pleasant unboxing experience, but also keeps the spirit of sustainability as it was designed for multipurpose functions. The inner packaging can be repurposed into a reusable storage carton and its inner partition can be folded into a triangular laptop stand. It also includes a 100% industrial recycled plastic (PIR) laptop sleeve and an additional 100% PIR plastic sheet that sits between the laptop’s display and keys, providing a lighter and less bulky exterior. The material consumes less paper and helps save more than 15% of shelf and transportation space, resulting in more efficient shipping conditions and significantly lowers the product’s carbon footprint.

Acer’s Project Humanity Campaign and Documentary

Launched in 2017, Acer’s Project Humanity campaign aims to encourage employees to propose and implement ideas that help drive positive changes and step up the fight against climate change. As seen in the film, Acer employees across the world and from different disciplines express their concern for the growing environment issues and the impact on the lives of succeeding generations. Acer has sought to inspire and instill a green mindset among its employees through activities and campaigns, and contribute to the company’s goal to Recycle, Reduce, and Recreate.

Acer believes that real change will only come when every person makes a conscious choice to do their part for the environment, no matter how small. Their actions may instill a positive influence on their social circles and bring about significant change through collective actions. The culmination of these efforts is evident with the participation of over 5,000 employees from 40+ countries to initiate 350+ social-driven projects in 2 years.

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