ACLU Launches Nationwide Voter Education and Mobilization Program

The American Civil Liberties Union today launched ACLU Voter, the organization’s first nationwide voter education and mobilization program, to ensure all members, supporters, and the broader public vote like their rights depend on it this year.

ACLU Voter is the next step in the organization’s increasing political engagement, channeling the energy of the millions of activists who have joined the ACLU since the 2016 election. ACLU Voters will receive a steady drum beat of voter information, including where and when to register to vote, key election dates, candidate scorecards, details on how races up and down the ticket will impact civil rights, and ways to take action in the 2018 election cycle.

As part of this effort, a digital platform will be available that includes a new congressional scorecard that scores every sitting member of Congress on key civil liberties votes. This allows every voter to see if their members are fighting for civil rights, easily share it with their friends and family, and hold elected officials accountable at the ballot box.

The effort will also include a seven-figure ad buy to bring in new supporters and engage individuals not only to vote with civil liberties in mind, but to take action across the country, including texting, phone calls, and canvassing their neighbors. ACLU Voter will be a one-stop hub for voters to educate themselves on civil liberties and civil rights and then find ways to engage in the political cycle. Through digital tools and offline mobilization efforts, ACLU Voter aims to double the size of the new People Power activist network of high-bar action takers who will continue to lead the fight past November.

“Civil rights and our democracy are under attack like never before and from the highest levels of government,” said Faiz Shakir, national political advocacy director at the ACLU. “We’re mobilizing the electorate and giving them the information they need to evaluate where candidates stand on civil rights and civil liberties, no matter how high or low on the ballot. Through this program, millions of ACLU supporters will be mobilized to vote like their rights depend on it.”


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