Adelante Shoe Co. Leads the Charge in the Next Generation of Ethical Shopping

Adelante Shoe Co., the Boston-based made-to-order footwear company, has announced the launch of its new website that experientially connects customers with their craftsman from point of sale to shoe delivery.

Adelante Shoe Co. works with skilled craftsmen in Guatemala to handmake high-quality leather shoes that are made-to-order and delivered within 10 days of purchase. The shoes are on par with the highest quality brands in the market at half the price. Adelante created a new social impact model called the Living Well Line to define the relative cost of living well in the town where the craftsmen work. Adelante craftsmen earn 75% above the market rate, which means access to healthcare, education, nutritious food, and more for themselves and their families.

“At Adelante Shoe Co. our mission is to redefine the craft shoe experience by connecting our customers directly with the craftsman whose life they are impacting,” said Peter Sacco, Adelante CEO and Founder. “I am excited that our new website further advances that mission and positions us to take the cobbler-to-customer experience to the next level.”

Adelante Shoe Co. connects the customer with their craftsman via photo and video throughout the production process, while also communicating the positive impact of their purchase. The new website deepens the cobbler-to-customer connection with multiple touch points, including:

  • When an order is placed, the order confirmation number assigns a specific craftsman to the respective order.
  • A “Meet Your Craftsman” email is sent that introduces the customer to their craftsman.
  • A subsequent email is sent with a link to a video showing the craftsman making the customer’s shoes and delivering a personalized “thank you” directly to the customer for their purchase.
  • When the customer receives their shoes, an Adelante Shoe Co. “Our Story” booklet is included with a full craftsman bio and an explanation of the impact of the customer’s purchase.
  • Finally, every shoe is personally signed on the inside by the craftsman who made it.

This is the latest initiative from the mission-driven startup that raised over $65,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and started selling shoes in May of 2017. The company now has over $200K in revenue and growing. Adelante Shoes are also fit, style, and color customizable and range from $205$285. To meet your craftsman and design your shoe, visit


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