An overview of the circular economy at BNP Paribas: nothing goes to waste with Toopi Organics!

Among the priorities set by BNP Paribas to promote more sustainable finance, the circular economy ranks high. Within the Group, many teams are supporting their clients, from start-ups to SMEs, but also large companies reflecting on their uses, in their circular approaches. In this three-part series of infographics, BNP Paribas dives in the subject with three concrete examples. In this second episode, we look at Toopi Organics, which has been transforming human urine into a natural biostimulant for more sustainable agriculture since 2019. A lot of water saved, hectares fertilized and tonnes of CO2 avoided!

Saving drinking water and exploiting an unlimited resource

BNP Paribas supported the launch of this bold project in several ways. The CSR Department supported the start-up, a client of Act For Impact in Gironde, in structuring an impact bond in France, which was certified by ADEME. This contract is pre-financed by the BNP Paribas European Impact Bonds Fund II alongside Avelana, la Banque des Territoires and Hippolyte Capital. In addition, BNP Paribas Development participated in its first fundraising.

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Nothing goes to waste with Toopi Organics

“It was unheard of and they did it! Drawing inspiration from traditional practices combined with advanced biotechnologies is the successful bid of Toopi Organics. We are delighted to support them from the beginning in their ambition to create a unique circular economy stream: the collection of human urine and its upgrading as a natural resource for agriculture. 

We mobilized several of the group’s expertise, such as structuring and financing an impact bond or direct investment, to help Toopi launch its business and its positive impacts, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of this virtuous circular model for a just transition.”

Maha Keramane, Head of BNP Paribas’ Positive Impact Business Accelerator (PIBA), explains how this works

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