Andrex Washlets join the fight against fatbergs as they get official ‘Fine to Flush’ approval

One of the UK’s largest household names has successfully achieved Water UK’s official ‘Fine to Flush’ standard on their range of wipes. Andrex Washlets have passed the strict water industry tests which prove they will break up in the sewer system and won’t cause blockages and fatbergs. With the addition of the Andrex Washlets, there are now five ‘Fine to Flush’ products on the market.

The ‘Fine to Flush’ standard was created by Water UK on behalf of the water and sewerage industry in January 2019 as part of the fight against blockages and fatbergs caused by products which are not supposed to be enter the sewer system – such as toiletry products like wipes, and fats, oils and grease. There are approximately 300,000 sewer blockages annually, costing the country £100 million. Thousands of properties suffer sewer flooding caused by these blockages every year in the UK, creating misery for homeowners and businesses and leading to high clean-up bills and increased insurance costs. Sewer flooding also has a major impact on the environment.

Christine McGourty, Chief Executive of Water UK, said:

“This is a great step forward in the fight against fatbergs. In the water industry, we’re passionate about protecting the environment, and our ‘Fine to Flush’ standard is part of that, making it easier for consumers to buy something that’s environmentally-friendly. We want other companies to follow the example of Andrex and make sure their products pass the ‘Fine to Flush’ test too. Everyone wants a future without fatbergs, and this will help make that a reality.”

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