Atento publishes 2020 ESG report

Atento S.A., one of the world’s five largest providers of customer relationship and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) services and Latin America’s leader, announced today the publication of its 2020 ESG report.

Atento operates nearly 100 customer service centers and employs more than 140,000 Customer Experience and BPO professionals in 13 countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Under the leadership of Atento’s new ESG Director, Pablo Sánchez, the Company seeks to continually improve its ESG performance by increasing the positive impact it has across these countries while working toward carbon neutrality by 2030, among other environmental goals.

The 2020 sustainability report covers Atento’s many ESG commitments and initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion; employee training and reskilling; health and safety; clean, renewable and carbon-free energy; water preservation; waste reduction and recycling; and cybersecurity and the protection of customer information.

Atento’s ESG performance is a key focus of the Company, as robust ESG strategies are proven to help companies determine their financial future in terms of risk and return and are an important reference regarding how well a company manages its non-financial risks, helping build confidence within the financial market and create shareholder value. In addition to shareholders, employees and the environment, Atento’s ESG strategy and plan encompass customers, communities and suppliers.

Pablo Sánchez, Atento’s Global CMO and ESG Director, said, “Atento’s 2020 ESG report is designed to help all stakeholders better understand our ESG performance and the measurable progress we are making toward fulfilling commitments to build a more sustainable future for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities that are home to our operations. We are especially proud of Atento’s always strong social performance and the programs behind it, such as “Attentive to the future”, which hires socially disadvantaged youth who are disproportionately excluded from the labor market. Similarly, Atento@Home continues to facilitate hiring talent best suited to the specific needs of our clients without location being a barrier to employment.” Mr. Sánchez added, “In addition to helping create a more equitable world, we continue advancing various initiatives to improve Atento’s environmental performance, helping build a robust circular economy and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality as a company.”

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