Beamery Launches Ambitious Impact Manifesto With Long-Term Commitments to Environment, Society and Governance

Beamery has recently launched its Impact and Sustainability Manifesto, reinforcing the company’s mission to provide equal access to work for every human on the planet.

Created to reflect Beamery’s long term goal of building a sustainable and socially conscious business, the Impact and Sustainability Manifesto outlines clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals; reinforcing Beamery’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of Reducing Inequalities.

In its Impact and Sustainability Manifesto, Beamery says it will:

  • Build a representative company
  • Create an equitable, inclusive and engaging environment for its people
  • Improve its environmental management and reduce its carbon footprint
  • Drive the company mission and values forward, promoting ethical & transparent ways of working

“Our Impact and Sustainability Manifesto will build and strengthen our commitment for our mission of ensuring equal access to work for everyone, which underpins our impact-driven business model,” said Xavier Langlois, Chief Legal and Impact Officer at Beamery. “From day one, Beamery has held this goal close to the heart of everything it does, and we want to continue to lead the talent industry with big action and big thinking.”

Beamery is committed to making an impact on the talent market through its product and as a business. Its transparent, fair and ethical approach to delivering explainable AI is already transforming talent for some of the biggest global businesses as they recruit, develop and retain their teams. In 2021 alone, Beamery helped hundreds of companies in more than 20 industries hire over 1 million people, creating faster access to meaningful work, and resulting in over $1 billion in value* created in the global job market.

The Impact Manifesto’s guiding principles

  • Building a representative firm: Beamery will increase representation of women, non-binary people, and people of color in leadership, believing that only when different voices come together, will be a fairer future of work be built for all. The company is also committing to a maximum of 40% homogeneity across all departments and seniority levels, maintaining a Fair HQ inclusion score of 9+ and Fair HQ equity score of 8+ by 2028.
  • Environment: Beamery will improve its environmental management and carbon footprint. The firm is commiting to reporting on, and halving, emissions by 2028.
  • Creating an equitable, inclusive and engaging environment for its staff: Beamery is increasing its staff happiness and wellbeing, so that they can do their best work without barriers. It has committed to a minimum Fair HQ inclusion score of 9+, Fair HQ equity score of 8+ and eNPS score of 50+ by 2028.
  • Governance: Ensuring ethical and transparent ways of working, Beamery will ensure that ESG considerations are a key part of all decision making processes, and will deliver quarterly progress reports to its Board and stakeholders.

Tom Lounibos, Managing Director at Accenture Ventures, said: “At Accenture, we embed sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with, creating both business value and the sustainable impact needed to tackle these important challenges for clients, partners, our people and the communities we serve. We applaud Beamery’s commitment to a broad range of environmental, social and governance issues ranging from transitioning to a net-zero economy to human rights and inclusion and diversity.”

Bibi Groot, Head of Behavioural Science at Fair HQ, said: “This Manifesto is an inspiration for the tech world. Instead of vague promises, Beamery commits to evidence-based actions and timelines. At Fair HQ, we’re especially excited to see that Beamery puts equity at the heart of things. By building transparent and fair processes, everyone, no matter their background, gets opportunities to thrive and grow. We’re thrilled to be part of the journey and can’t wait to see how Beamery will continue to push the boundaries of D&I in tech.”

Jan Hammer, Partner, Index Ventures, said: “Beamery’s is already assisting hundreds of companies around the world to create environments where people thrive, do their best work and feel valued. Interacting with the company and the product, you instantly grasp that you’re working with a mission-driven business. For them it’s not just about creating the best software that meets the needs of growing organizations. There is an innate sense that by investing in your own people you are investing in yourself. This manifesto is a further reflection of this ambition, and a great example of leadership in the industry. Beamery’s forward thinking approach, and focus on having tangible impact, is ahead of many of its peers.”

Avid Larizadeh Duggan, Senior Managing Director of Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG) said: “TVG partners with companies, like Beamery, with bold missions to shape the future of people and our planet. The Impact Manifesto perfectly encapsulates Beamery’s mission to create positive social and environmental change, and complements Ontario Teachers’ strategy to shape a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Beamery as we work together to build a better future.”

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