Boldly Going: Planet and The Roddenberry Foundation Collaborate to Launch Satellites Celebrating Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry

Planet Labs PBC, a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth, and the Roddenberry Foundation are partnering to launch a fan art-inspired flock of Planet’s SuperDove satellites into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during the Transporter-6 mission. Select Planet SuperDoves on this upcoming launch will be adorned with artwork and quotes that celebrate the legacy of hope and inclusiveness of Star Trek and its creator, Gene Roddenberry.

The Roddenberry Foundation launched the Boldly Go Campaign in 2021, Gene Roddenberry’s centennial year, to celebrate Gene’s hopeful vision of humanity’s future—one of inclusion, scientific progress, and co-operation across our differences. Planet was a natural partner for the Roddenberry Foundation given the company shares a similar mission of accelerating humanity to a more sustainable, secure and prosperous world by illuminating environmental and social change.

The campaign asked people around the world to share what gives them hope for humanity’s future via online submissions. The 1,500+ submissions to the Boldly Go Campaign shared common themes of Gene’s vision, such as the value of diversity, the wonder of space, and optimism. These values were reflected in the quotes chosen to be laser-etched onto a select number of Planet’s SuperDove satellites launching later this year. This launch represents the culmination of the partnership between Planet and The Roddenberry Foundation on the Boldly Go Campaign.

“Star Trek showed us a future where diverse peoples come together across differences to work for the common good,” said Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry and co-founder of the Roddenberry Foundation. “We are thrilled to celebrate that vision with Planet by taking the Boldly Go campaign to space, the final frontier.”

Planet’s satellite constellation captures a daily snapshot of our changing Earth. This unprecedented capability provides governments, NGOs, and companies with the insights needed to drive business, power scientific research, and more sustainably manage our Earth.

“Launches are always a special milestone for Planet, but this one particularly so. Through Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry inspired the world to look to the stars in wonder and hopeful curiosity. In a similar vein, we at Planet look to space to help life here on Earth and are thrilled to partner with The Roddenberry Foundation to use space to help celebrate his legacy,” said Planet CEO, Will Marshall.

Follow Planet and the Roddenberry Foundation on Twitter for updates as we near the launch window. Learn more about the Boldly Go Campaign here.

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