“Breathe Easy” Summer Campaign Asks Everyone to Work Together to Improve Air Quality During Ozone Season

We are now into Summer, which kicks off a season of outdoor fun, festivals and BBQs across our region. Unfortunately, the season’s warmer temperatures also mean conditions are right for an increase in the production of ground-level ozone, the most common form of air pollution. For more than 8.8 million people in the greater Baltimore-Washington region—especially the more than 700,000 adults and 200,000 children with asthma—summertime doesn’t just mean sunscreen and sandals, it means having your daily activities dictated by whether the air is healthy enough for you to breathe easy.

This summer Clean Air Partners is launching its Breathe Easy Summer Ozone Campaign, a regional effort to raise awareness of the link between the everyday actions that determine air quality and public health.

“We all share the air we breathe,” said William Ellis, Chairman, Clean Air Partners Board. “The small steps you take today can make a big difference to our friends and neighbors. Simple things like turning off the lights when you leave a room or waiting until the evening to fill up your gas tank can add up to a big improvement in air quality across our region and help mitigate climate change.”

The Breathe Easy campaign encourages residents to help reduce ground-level ozone and keep everyone breathing easy all summer by following these simple steps:

  • Use public transit
  • Telecommute or carpool
  • Wait until dusk to refuel your car
  • Inflate your tires to their proper level
  • Turn off lights and electronics when not in use
  • Clean HVAC filters each month
  • Use a gas or electric grill instead of charcoal
  • Use an electric-powered lawn mower
  • Download the Clean Air Partners App to check daily air quality levels in your area

To learn more about the Breathe Easy campaign and learn how you can join the thousands who have already pledged to make a difference, visit cleanairpartners.net and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CleanAirPartner.

Clean Air Partners is a public-private partnership educating the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region about health risks associated with poor air quality and the impacts everyday actions have on the environment. Since 1997, Clean Air Partners has been dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to take simple actions to reduce air pollution, protect public health, and improve air quality.

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