Callaly Launches ‘Unboxing 1930s Women’s Products’ To Show How 100 Years Of Design Have Failed Femcare

Would you use a century-old condom, vibrator or razor? Femcare brand Callaly today launches a film, produced by award-winning agency Don’t Panic, that highlights what 100 years of innovation has done to improve femcare products. Unlike the huge improvements in other products, a century has had little impact on the design of the humble tampon. 

“It’s exactly the same”

Filmed prior to the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown restrictions, the film highlights the power of female commaradory and humour which can bring us together in more difficult times.

The film sees women unbox and uncover the purpose of a series of products used in the 1930s, from vibrators to contraceptives. Items that would have been familiar a century ago now bear little relation to their modern day counterparts. In fact, many of them look more like instruments of torture than useful inventions.

But as the women sigh a breath of relief that they no longer have to protect themselves from pregnancy using a foot-long glass tube, they discover the tampon. First created in 1931, it looks “exactly the same” today as it did when it was invented.

Sending a clear message about the need for more female-led innovation in femcare, the film illustrates how many products have seen radical transformations in their design while the tampon, used daily by billions of women, has largely remained the same since its original incarnation.

The film has been created to celebrate Callaly’s own design upgrade, the tampliner, which combines an organic cotton tampon with a built-in mini-liner. 

Callaly co-founder and head of product Ewa Radziwon said: “Trillions of R&D dollars have been spent on developing innovations that meet the needs of just 50% of the world, and we’ve failed to see any real progress in fundamental products like the tampon. 

“Calally is committed to female-centred innovation, creating products that are designed perfectly for women’s bodies. We want to get people talking about periods, the products we use and what we should expect from them.” 

From its 2-in-1 tampliner product to innovative customisable subscription boxes, Callaly puts people with periods first, inspiring them to expect more from their products. 

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to what goes into mainstream tampon brands, which can contain anything from synthetic rayon fibres to chlorine, artificial fragrance and even traces of pesticides. Callaly uses only 100% organic cotton and its product contains none of these nasties. Callaly holds itself to the highest standards, putting customers’ health before its bottom line, even when not required by law. 

Callaly worked with award-winning agency Don’t Panic to create the film.



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