Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership launches new Business Transformation Group

The Centre for Business Transformation has launched the Business Transformation Group – a collaborative leadership group of forward-looking international companies with a strong commitment to sustainability that kicked-off in early 2021 along with partners IKEA (INGKA), CRODA, Dentsu and Majid Al Futtaim.

The Group’s mission, under CISL’s guidance, is to help companies set a truly sustainable business path across key areas such as nature, climate, circularity and inequality, and embark on the organisational transformation required to deliver this vision for the business and its stakeholders.

The Group is founded on the premise that the case for radical change is becoming increasingly clear in the business community, as is the nature of environmental, social and technological pressures. In line with this, the Group will focus not on the case for change, but on the implementation challenge of rapidly shifting business strategies, models, organisational structures and practices toward the sustainable business. Together with CISL and their peers, the Group will co-create and apply new thinking on inclusive, nature-positive, circular, zero carbon and resilient business strategies and models and this will inform the tools and new approaches to lead the corporate sector in meeting these ambitions.

CISL and the Business Transformation Group will host a roundtable event in June that brings together senior executives from leading businesses to discuss challenges and solutions of the sustainable business transformation and bring new corporate insights and actors into this conversation.

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