Campaign for Argentine Food Bank Urges us to Help Those who Can’t Stay Home

A new initiative from the Food Bank of Argentina and Mercado McCann, Making Staying Home Possible for Everyone, reveals how difficult it is to stay home for thousands of people that live in poverty and cannot work

Social distancing due to COVID-19 is a double-edged sword for the more than 16 million people who live in poverty in Argentina: it prevents them from getting sick, but it also keeps them from generating the necessary means to feed their families.

Now that the country have been under mandatory quarantine for over a month, “We´ve created this initiative to bring to light some of the difficulties that a great number of people in the country are going through today, and to consider how we can lend a hand from our homes so that staying home is a possibility for everyone,” said  Virginia Ronco who leads communications at the Food Bank.

The non-profit institution has worked for almost 20 years to avoid the waste of food thanks to its partnerships and donations, alongside 1,192 social organizations, to collaborate with feeding 163 thousand people in Buenos Aires, of whom 76% are children and teens. The Food Bank distributes a weekly average of 96 tons of food and products through a transparent and efficient channel that guarantees that the contributions reach those who need it most.

Juan Pablo Lufrano, Executive Creative Director at Mercado McCann expressed, “It is clear that social distancing is a collective choice, but sometimes not all of us consider that it´s harder for some people, so maybe this should be a collective effort. That is why we are moved to be part of this message and support the food bank in such a noble imitative.”

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