Cancer Survivor And Illusionist Jim Munroe Partners With Be The Match® To Make Cancer Disappear

Jim Munroe, famed magician and leukemia survivor, has partnered with Be The Match®—the organization that found his blood stem cell match and helped save his life—to Make Cancer Disappear. Make Cancer Disappear is an expansive, social media-driven fundraising and awareness movement that will launch September 2018 in conjunction with National Blood Cancer Awareness Month. The goals of the campaign are to raise $250,000 for Be The Match and to encourage 15,000 people to join the Be The Match Registry®.

Featuring celebrities and magicians from all over the world, the effort will include a series of short, compelling and entertaining videos featuring Munroe performing captivating magic tricks alongside amateur, celebrity and professional magicians. Munroe will conclude each clip by encouraging viewers to donate $1 or more to make cancer disappear. The videos will be posted on a multitude of social media platforms with the dedicated hashtag #MakeCancerDisappear, offering a clear call to action to “be the match” for someone. Funds raised will support research to eliminate blood cancer and blood disorders, help families dealing with the financial impact of a blood stem cell transplant, and sign up donors for the registry.

“You’ll see me blowing the minds of celebrities and regular people in 90-second clips,” says Munroe, “which will link to a landing page where viewers can hear stories of both those who have gone through the process of having successful blood stem cell transplants and others who are in desperate need of one. We’re basically sharing the good news that anyone who signs up for the donor registry is a potential life-saving miracle worker.”

Munroe has been an avid spokesperson for Be The Match since 2010, making his personal testimony about how a blood stem cell donor saved his life in 2009 after a devastating diagnosis of a rare form of leukemia an integral part of every MAZE performance. Now cancer-free, he and MAZE—a progressive, traveling magic show that tours regularly on college campuses around the nation—are a great tool for the organization to reach the ideal donor demographic of men and women 18-32 years of age (the registry accepts donors ages 18-44).

Munroe’s hope is to spread awareness about the important work of Be The Match, which conducts research to improve transplant outcomes, provides support and resources for patients, and partners with a global network to save lives. For 30 years, the organization has managed the largest and most diverse blood stem cell donor registry in the world.

“My hope is that through the Be The Match: Make Cancer Disappear campaign, we will reach people of all ages throughout the country and beyond and get them to see that they can literally, not just figuratively, make cancer go away,” says Munroe.

“Through MAZE, Jim has shared the importance of Be The Match and encouraged thousands to join the Be The Match Registry,” said Mary Halet, director, community engagement at Be The Match. “His personal connection to our mission makes his message authentic and relatable. We’re so grateful that Jim continues to use his voice and talent to help save lives—to make cancer disappear—in his daily work.”

For more information and to join the conversation, visit, #MakeCancerDisappear and #BeTheMatch.


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