CancerCare Celebrates 75 Years of Serving the Cancer Community

CancerCare has celebrated its 75th anniversary by revealing a new campaign “If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us.” The campaign declares CancerCare’s commitment to holistic, patient-centered support services, and celebrates a legacy of comprehensive care for people living with cancer.

“A cancer diagnosis turns a person’s life upside down. Throughout many doctors’ visits, tests and treatments, people with cancer often feel like they’re perceived as a patient rather than a person,” said CancerCare CEO, Patricia Goldsmith. “For 75 years, CancerCare has championed the importance of addressing what matters most to patients and their families through free, direct services to help cope with the emotional, practical and financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis.”

The heart of the campaign features distinct, personalized stories from CancerCare clients. CancerCare doesn’t see cancer patients. They see writers, singers, actors, parents, and children in need of support. For Thomasina, a metastatic breast cancer survivor, CancerCare’s financial assistance helped relieve the burden of multiple doctor’s appointments and medications. For Nolan, a leukemia survivor, CancerCare helped him acclimate to life after spending a year inside a hospital.

For 75 years, CancerCare’s commitment to offering help and hope to anyone affected by cancer has remained constant. Every program developed and each change made seeks to better serve clients and help them overcome the hardship of a cancer diagnosis. Throughout the coming year, CancerCare invites anyone impacted by cancer—whether as a person living with cancer, a caregiver, a loved one or a friend—to celebrate by sharing what matters most to them.

To learn more about CancerCare’s history and legacy, visit, or join the conversation by following #CancerCare75.

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