Carol’s Daughter Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with the #NoApologies #BornandMade Campaign, Encouraging Women to Celebrate their Individuality Unapologetically

Carol’s Daughter is thrilled to celebrate its 25th Anniversary with the launch of the #NoApologies #BornandMade campaign, a movement that encourages every woman to celebrate her individuality unapologetically. In order to tell this story, the brand has returned to its Brooklyn roots by filming a series of videos throughout the borough that inspire viewers to be who they authentically are. The campaign features Lisa Price, the brand’s founder, as well as ten local influencers, and a spoken word artist who came together to help celebrate the stories of unique beauty.

Carol’s Daughter is engaging every mother, daughter, sister and beyond, through its digital and social platforms—which will roll out the campaign’s series of videos—highlighting individuality, while inspiring viewers to be who they authentically are.

“To celebrate 25 years, there was only one place to be, Brooklyn,” said Lisa Price, Founder, Carol’s Daughter.  “I wanted to incorporate the magic, love and community of Brooklyn—the place my family and I call home—and where Carol’s Daughter was born. The goal was not only to celebrate the brand reaching such a significant milestone, but to also celebrate and continue to herald the power of women and who we were #BornandMade to be with #NoApologies. I am Lisa. I am unapologetically me. I was born and made to be Carol’s Daughter.”

Staying true to its history, Carol’s Daughter filmed the campaign in Brooklyn and partnered with Brooklyn-based creatives, including advertising agency Laundry Service, spoken word artist Mahogany L. Browne—who worked closely with the brand to create original spoken word poems for the campaign—and a team of natural hair and beauty influencers. The campaign’s inspirational influencers, include:

  • Cynthia Andrew, @simplycyn. Made to be Strong.
    Cynthia is a Cameroonian attorney and the voice behind the popular blog SimplyCyn. Her blog provides daily inspiration on juggling a busy career, beauty, and fashion, while also serving as inspiration for other African bloggers who aspire to develop a platform that reaches beyond their local communities.
  • Kokie Childers, @kokeadile. Made to be Original.
    Kokie is a full-time student at St. John’s University, majoring in biology. Last summer a photographer discovered her, and her modeling career has since blossomed. She is known for her striking, original look.
  • Latonya Staubs, @latonyayvette. Made to Shine.
    Latonya is a master of juggling her multidimensional creative career as a writer and stylist, while also being a mother to two. She particularly loves to help new mothers style themselves as they entire a new phase in their life.

The #NoApologies campaign also highlights some of the brand’s most coveted product lines, including: the Hair Milk Collection, the Black Vanilla Collection, and the Almond Milk Collection. These easily accessible collections offer solutions for all hair types, from dry and brittle to frizzy and fragile—with a range of products developed especially for styling and caring for all haircare needs. Available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, ULTA Beauty, and Sally Beauty stores nationwide, as well as and Amazon.Com.


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