CECP and Gallup Collaborate to Help Companies Mine How Employees Perceive Corporate Sustainability Efforts

Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) and Gallup, the global advice and analytics firm, announced a strategic collaboration to help companies benchmark and make progress on important metrics related to corporate purpose and sustainability. Through this partnership, Gallup will offer five scientifically validated question items that map to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting standards–the Gallup Sustainability 5 (GS5). Companies can use these items to benchmark internally, track progress through the eyes of their employees, and, if desired, measure themselves against a select set from Gallup’s global database.

Gallup Sustainability 5:

  1. Sustainability: My organization makes a positive impact on people and the planet.
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: At work, I am treated with respect.
  3. Employee Development: There is someone at work who encourages my development.
  4. Well-Being: My organization cares about my overall well-being.
  5. Ethics and Compliance: If I raised a concern about ethics and integrity, I am confident my employer would do what is right.

“Given the increasing interest in ESG, CEOs are telling us that is important to have a management tool that can help their companies engage with their employees around sustainable business success,’ said CECP CEO Daryl Brewster. “CECP is pleased to partner with Gallup on these five simple, but proven questions to help companies advance their corporate purpose and long-term performance.”

“ESG standards are being driven by new demands of investors who still want booming profits and returns — but now want them from high-purpose companies that make the world a better place vs. a worse place,” said Gallup CEO Jim Clifton. “The Gallup Sustainability 5 offer companies a way to track their purpose and ensure their companies are headed in the right direction.”

By asking their employees the GS5 questions, company leaders will gain insights into strengths and opportunities for growth. As an example, two facts present a pandemic-related challenge to companies: Gallup reports that 28% of full-time employees report being burned out at work very often or always, and the CDC reports that symptoms of clinical depression have risen four times during the Covid crisis. By understanding whether employees view their company as supportive of their overall well-being and how that compares to national benchmarks, companies can more effectively create new programs or enhance existing initiatives.

In the oncoming months, both organizations will conduct listening sessions with CECP companies and beyond to explore the ways companies can use the Gallup questions. The sessions will take place with corporate leaders at the 2021 CECP Summit May 25-26, an annual conference for more than 300 leaders in corporate purpose, corporate social responsibility, and ESG–featuring Gallup Chief Scientist Jim Harter and Gallup Executive Director Research Practice Ed O’Boyle. CECP will also host a CEO virtual Roundtable  featuring Gallup CEO Jim Clifton June 17 to share how companies can lever the questions for organizational advancement.

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