Charitable fund tripled to £600k to satisfy extraordinary demand for home learning

The ‘DM Trust Home Learning Fund’ has been tripled to satisfy extraordinary demand for home learning – it will now deliver £600k of fully funded training to over 400 furloughed employees and those made redundant due to the coronavirus. People from 13 different industry sectors will benefit from the initiative.

Spearheaded by the DM Trust, in partnership with the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM), the initiative gives UK-based people who have been placed on furlough or made redundant access to fully funded training and professional qualifications.

The DM Trust, a charitable organisation that provides funding and support to projects across the data and marketing industry, has now invested £300k to the fund. The IDM, the learning arm of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), matched this investment taking the total to £600k.

“We are delighted that the DM Trust Home Learning Fund will support the personal and professional development of hundreds of people impacted by the coronavirus. Due to a high volume of interest, we expanded the fund to £600k to enable us to help all those who applied,” said Matt Housden, Chair of the DM Trust. “The DM Trust now look forward to hearing about all the success stories of people who are able to upskill and keep their marketing minds fresh during these challenging times.”

Nearly half of people still want a shared learning experience

As can be seen from the infographic below, there was high demand for both ‘Online self-study’ (52%) and ‘Virtual Classroom’ (48%). Highlighting continued demand for both an experience where people can learn at their own pace and those who want a shared learning experience led by an expert course tutor.

Most people opted to apply for qualifications, with 68% selecting a qualification from the IDM’s portfolio. The remaining 32% selected short courses. The most in-demand qualifications were Professional and Postgraduate Diplomas in Digital Marketing.

Professionals from 13 different industries will benefit from the fund. Nearly half held positions in the Marketing & Advertising industries (42%).

Employees from the Travel, Leisure & Hospitality, will also receive funding to upskill during this period of absence from work – 14% of successful applicants came from this sector.

78% of applications came from junior professionals to mid-level managers. 9% were received by those who previously held senior leadership roles.

“The main goal of the DM Trust Home Learning Fund was to help people regardless of their experience, industry or background – the coronavirus has impacted professionals from all walks of life. The home learning that our fund facilitates will aid the wellbeing of hundreds of people across multiple sectors,” added Andy Dorling, General Manager at the IDM. “We believe the impact of coronavirus may well lead to a long-term change in how professionals, even senior executives, upskill throughout their careers. Resulting in a growing interest in a digital learning experience that is both accessible remotely and interactive, which complements the needs of modern workers with demanding lifestyles.”

Further information about the training initiative, and testimonials from some of the people it is supporting, can be found on the IDM’s website:

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