Chevron Products Debuts Havoline® PRO-RS™ Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Chevron’s First-Ever Renewable Passenger Car Motor Oil Offering

Chevron Products Company, a Chevron U.S.A. Inc. division, maker of the Havoline® brand of advanced passenger car motor oils, recently announced the launch of Havoline® PRO-RS™ Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil, its first renewable motor oil product and ultra-premium addition to the Havoline portfolio. Made with 25 percent sustainably sourced plant-based oils manufactured by Novvi LLC, Havoline® PRO-RSTM supports Chevron’s aim to advance a lower carbon future. 

“As an industry leader in motor oil through our trusted Havoline brand, Chevron continues to make strides in developing game-changing, premium products that support the desire of our customers to reduce their lifecycle carbon intensity,” said Andy Walz, president of Americas Fuels and Lubricants for Chevron. “Havoline PRO-RS is Chevron’s first renewable motor oil, building on our partnership with Novvi.” 

Havoline PRO-RS uses Chevron’s proprietary ECOSTRENGTH™ Technology, a process to develop high-performance synthetic lubricants using renewable plant-based feedstocks. Havoline PRO-RS has all the performance attributes of a premium, full synthetic motor oil, including cleaning power and wear protection. This product also enhances certain environmental performance attributes like emission control1 and lower carbon intensity2 compared to full synthetic motor oil. As such, Havoline PRO-RS is better for cars and the environment. 

In addition, Havoline PRO-RS delivers superior fuel economy retention3, which can save on fuel costs and helps to maintain the oil’s fuel economy longer than other petroleum-based full synthetic motor oils that degrade over time. Havoline PRO-RS also provides excellent thermal protection4 to maintain the oils’ original viscosity to protect against oil breakdown. 

Havoline previously launched two different motor oil package styles that use recyclable cardboard to reduce plastic waste. PitPack® is a 6-gallon package used in fast lube and mechanic shops, while Havoline Smart Change® is a 6-quart package found on the retail shelves and online at Walmart for those “do-it-yourselfers” who prefer to change their own oil. Havoline PRO-RS will be sold in both package styles. 

“Our work with Chevron to develop and deploy our renewable base oils has generated enthusiasm from our customers who want to enhance the environmental performance of their products while meeting increasingly stringent engine specifications,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Novvi. “Havoline PRO-RS is an exciting opportunity to showcase the environmental and performance advantages of our product line.”

Havoline PRO-RS will initially be available November 1 to professional installers in the United States and Canada, including owners and operators within Chevron’s network of Havoline xpress lube® and Chevron xpress lube® locations. Havoline PRO-RS will be available for purchase by U.S. consumers in the 6-quart Smart Change package on and at other retail locations in early 2022. 

Havoline PRO-RS is a USDA Certified Biobased Product that exceeds the most demanding industry standards5 and is backed by Chevron’s Limited Product Warranty. For more information, visit

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