Churchill Fellowship launches new ‘In Conversation With…’ lecture series

The Churchill Fellowship is proud to host its inaugural ‘In Conversation With…’ event featuring a discussion between newly appointed Churchill Fellowship Ambassador John Elkington (CF 1981) and Churchill Fellowship Trustee, Advisory Council Chair, Lucy Parker (CF 1978).

The inaugural event to be held on 6 March 2024 after the announcement of the Spring Budget, will see sustainability leaders, John Elkington and Lucy Parker, discussing key topics from the impact of the Budget headlines to the outcomes from the latest climate change conference, COP28.

John Elkington is Founder & Chief Pollinator at Volans and is one of the founders of the global sustainability movement. He is an authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable capitalism. His 21st book, ‘Tickling Sharks: How We Sold Business on Sustainability’ (Fast Company Press), launches in May 2024.

Lucy Parker is co-author of ‘The Activist Leader, a new mindset for doing business’ and ‘Everybody’s Business, the Unlikely Story of how Big Business Can Fix the World’. She is also Senior Partner and ESG & Sustainable Business Global Lead of Brunswick Group, as well as being a Trustee and Advisory Council Chair at the Churchill Fellowship

John Elkington said: “As someone who has been described as an ‘Ambassador from the Future,’ it’s a particular honour to be invited to become an Ambassador for the Fellowship, which first entered my life in 1981. The Churchill Fellowship was life changing, giving me opportunity to shape my thinking about the future and the emerging role of business and markets. Among other things, I look forward to discussing the impact of COP28 and the importance of promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience between the UK and the rest of the world.”

Lucy Parker, Trustee and Chair of the Churchill Fellowship Advisory Council, said: “We are thrilled John has accepted the role of Ambassador, and grateful for his commitment to helping the Churchill Fellowship spread our network and reach. We look forward to welcoming the community to this event which is a testimony to our celebration of the potential of personal leadership and the international outlook that is so central to the Fellowship.”

“In Conversation With…” is a new series of unique lectures curated by the Churchill Fellowship where Churchill Fellowship Ambassadors discuss pertinent topics of the day with another Churchill Fellow, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

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