CISALI launch life saving app to find nearest defibrillator

Life-saving defibrillators (AEDs) are fortunately becoming increasingly widespread. The number of such locations is growing in exposed locations in cities, in companies, public buildings, hotels, etc. The number of such locations is increasing. In an emergency, their immediate localization is of crucial importance.

CISALI (Citizens Save Lives Association) is an international association based in Ireland that registers manufacturer-independent and device-neutral defibrillator sites. The global association has a contact person in each country who deals with country-specific issues and questions.

It is in our and your interest to travel in a secure manner, to stay in heart-safe hotels and spend your free time in heart-safe sports clubs and fitness clubs. To achieve this we have designed a Worldwide app, available over the internet or via mobile phone app.

In an emergency, locate the nearest defibrillator. Easy, free-of-charge, independent.


  • Just drop off the emergency call and alert the first responder in the area via the app
  • Simply report and add defibrillators / AEDs via app
  • Overview of AEDs in a worldwide map
  • Search & find the closest defibrillator quickly
  • Plan heart safe holidays
  • New features are in permanent development

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