Concordia Maritime Increase its Commitment to Cleaner Seas

Working proactively with information and education in order to stop marine littering is the best way of reducing the problem of plastic in the seas. Concordia Maritime has adopted this approach and has thus begun a collaboration with The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, a non-profit organisation. An online course will be developed in order to spread knowledge and increase the involvement of the general public and personnel. There is also an ambition to reduce the amount of plastic litter along Sweden’s West Coast by means of manual collection.

“Protecting the seas is vital for the future for all of us and here, we as a shipping company have an important role to play. Within the framework of our sustainability work, there is both safety and transport efficiency, which are part of our responsibility as an employer. The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and Concordia Maritime have a common interest in promoting a reduction in litter and thus also tackling the problem of plastic litter in the marine environment. We look forward to the collaboration”, comments Ola Helgesson, CFO, Concordia Maritime.

Concordia Maritime has now begun working on an online course dealing with the importance of keeping the seas clean and will also participate in the Keep Sweden Tidy Day on 15 September when we will organise the collection of litter along the coast. The Keep Sweden Tidy Day is part of a global campaign called World Clean Up Day, which is held in around 150 countries.

“A lot of people will have to work together if we are to reverse the negative trend of all the plastic that ends up in our seas. The fact that Concordia Maritime has now decided to both increase its own knowledge and participate in the collection of litter is good news”, says Joakim Brodahl, Operations Manager at The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation.

“In the years ahead, we also intend to support the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation’s work in schools. We will also participate in and be involved in a number of Clean-Up Coast days where we ourselves and other volunteers will collect litter on beaches”, says Ola Helgesson, CFO, Concordia Maritime.


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