Crowe personnel volunteer 75,000 hours to honor firm’s 75th anniversary

As part of a yearlong 75th anniversary celebration, Crowe CEO Jim Powers challenged personnel to volunteer 75,000 hours in their communities, more than double the number of volunteer hours from the previous year.

“Not only did our people meet the 75,000-hour challenge, they crushed it,” said Powers. “By the end of the challenge, we volunteered 82,000 hours, the equivalent of providing 39 full-time people at the nonprofits we served.” Two-thirds of personnel volunteered during the year, well above the industry norm of 31 percent. Using data from Independent Sector, the volunteer hours translate to an economic impact of more than $2 million for the nonprofits.

Crowe personnel volunteered by participating in charity home builds, teaching business curriculum to children, donating blood, sorting food at pantries, assembling care packages and in many other ways. Overall, Crowe people gave their time to more than 500 nonprofit organizations.

“There are a lot of ways to celebrate a corporate anniversary, like giveaways and parties, but those are often forgotten. Giving our time and talent to those in need is not,” added Powers. “The significant anniversary volunteer effort honored the firm’s history and continued its legacy in a way that made a difference in our communities.”

The number of communities Crowe touches has grown tremendously since Fred P. Crowe Sr. and Cletus F. Chizek founded the firm in 1942 in South Bend, Indiana. Crowe has grown into a public accounting, consulting and technology firm with nearly $900 million in annual revenue and more than 4,000 personnel worldwide. Crowe now has 39 offices around the world, including locations in Canada, Cayman Islands, England, France and India. The firm is also a member of Crowe Global, an international network operating in more than 130 countries around the world.

“Early on, Crowe made many smart decisions that steered the firm’s growth, including focusing on technology and specialization, which built value for our clients and our people,” said Powers. “We’ve done it all while staying true to our core values of we care, we share, we invest and we grow.”

Crowe continues to build value for its personnel. Positive feedback from the firm’s people led to Crowe being named one of the 2018 Fortune100 Best Companies to Work For, its first appearance on the prestigious list.

“The same core values our founders had in the 1940s still drive us today,” added Powers. “Continuing to focus on our clients, our communities, our people and our firm will lead us successfully through the next 75 years.”


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