DanceSyndrome launches campaign to help communities across the North of England

North-West Multi-Award winning charity DanceSyndrome has launched a fund raising campaign to ensure it can continue helping communities across the North of England.

The Show Us Your Moves campaign will encourage anyone and everyone to support the charity by filming themselves performing a short dance move and posting it on their social media channels – with the accompanying hashtags #Showusyourmoves and #Righttodance.

The DanceSyndrome team will ‘kick off’ the campaign by sharing a series of short videos, created by some of those currently benefiting from DanceSyndrome’s work. Each dancer will show off their signature dance move before challenging the viewer to do the same and/or donate to the charity instead.

DanceSyndrome has been supporting communities in the North of England for the past decade by inspiring and encouraging hundreds of people to focus on ability rather than disability. It’s even caught the attention of both The National Lottery, and celebrity pop star Alexandra Burke who showcased the charity on national television last year.

The charity hopes to raise £10k through the Show Us Your Moves campaign which, coupled with previous funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and the Arts Council England, will allow DanceSyndrome to continue helping those in need.

DanceSyndrome Managing Director Dawn Vickers said “Dancing has been shown to have a positive impact on mental as well as physical wellbeing. Through our work we have helped thousands of people not only to keep active but to make friends and achieve a greater sense of belonging. At DanceSyndrome we co-create projects and opportunities to help connect people, work closely with those who have learning disabilities to help them achieve their own potential, and challenge accepted beliefs around what people with learning disabilities are able to do.  The support we’ve gained so far has been fantastic, we want to continue to grow the charity to help more people benefit from all that dance can offer, and I’m confident that The Show Us Your Moves campaign will enable us to do so.”

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