Diversity conference champions inclusion change in the workplace

Diversity in Action is back. The diversity conference spearheaded by A Leader Like Me founders Advita Patel and Priya Bates is shaping up to be bigger than ever.

This year’s conference features an incredible line-up of speakers who are driving change in organizations across the world. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts who will share stories, strategies and their own learnings on key topics like leadership, values, trust and inclusion.

Ruchika Tulshyan, author of Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work, and one of the keynote speakers said:

“Inclusion doesn’t just happen; we have to work at it with intention and commitment, which is why I’m so excited about Diversity in Action. It will be a fantastic week of events where inclusion will be at the heart of driving change.

“How we communicate and engage with our colleagues around the importance of this important work is critical to the success of cultivating inclusive cultures. The work Advita and Priya are doing to bring PR, communications and HR communities together, in safe spaces where people are empowered to have these vital conversations, is critical if we want to see progress.”

This year’s Diversity in Action conference will take place from Monday 07 November to Friday 11 November. Two sessions will be held each day and in different time zones to ensure more people can access the events.

Advita Patel, the co-founder of A Leader Like Me, said:

“Research and studies clearly demonstrate that if an organization is inclusive, everyone benefits. But we still see poor practice and performative actions by some organizations. Diversity in Action aims to help people move their organization from performative to performance. The week-long series of events will feature some fantastic people shaking up organizations with their bold thinking. Every participant will receive a copy of Ruchika’s book, which shares practical tips and advice on supporting underestimated groups.”

“And to support the conversations further, all of our participants will have access to our ‘Mighty Networks’, which is our safe space for people to share their thoughts and learn from each other.”

Diversity in Action is sponsored by FWI Poppulo, Alive and All Things IC.

Find out more about Diversity in Action here.

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