Doner LA launches first creative work for Icelandic Glacial Water

Doner LA has launched its first creative work for Icelandic Glacial Water, the world’s first water certified CarbonNeutral for both product and operation.

The campaign, “You Are What You Drink,” highlights how Icelandic Glacial sources its water directly from the legendary Ölfus Spring in Iceland, underscoring the importance of sustainability.

The campaign idea comes from the insight that today’s consumers want to know where their water is sourced and are more mindful about what they’re putting into their body. Just like with food, people don’t only want to know where their meat is farmed and its practices. They want to know every detail, from what the animals are fed to how they’re raised, right down to the cow’s name.

This campaign encourages consumers to apply the same mindfulness to what they drink by putting a spin on the old adage “You are what you eat.” After all, water is more important for you than food, making up almost 70% of our bodies and in that you can only go three days without it. By challenging consumers with the message “You Are What You Drink,” the campaign aims to introduce the many benefits of drinking water from the naturally sustainable and exceptionally pure Ölfus Spring in Iceland. From a naturally high alkalinity and PH balance to the fact, that the first time the water touches open air is when the bottle is opened by the drinker. It’s also the world’s first bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral® for product and operation.

To show people that not all bottled water is created equally, artist Erkin Demir created striking double exposure visuals of fierce women made up of Icelandic forces of nature. The imagery brings the natural attributes of Icelandic Glacial together with the natural beauty and fierce personality of the women who drink it.

From shoot to ship, the effects-heavy campaign was produced remotely in three weeks, across three continents, and six social platforms: the creative team found the photographer, Erkin Demir, on Pinterest (he then became the first-time director); the shoot was conducted in Istanbul and creative directed in Los Angeles via Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp and iMessage; the edit was facilitated by Giphy and Google Slides.

Lesley Coleman, Creative Director (Doner LA) said:

“It’s so rare in this business that you get to work on a brand and create an ownable look from scratch.” 

“We love how we were able to bring all the natural attributes of Icelandic Glacial together with the natural beauty and fierce personality of women.”

Emily Blaine, Creative Director (Doner LA) added~

“What made this piece so unique for us, was that it was brought to life using so many different social platforms. Who knew our Pinterest addiction would lead us to our next director? Or that we would be partially editing spots in Giphy? But we did.”

  Michelle Grieco, Director of Marketing (Icelandic Glacial)also stated:

“Our goal was to create the brand’s first-ever holistic marketing campaign, steeped in consumer insights, that would connect with consumers in an authentic and meaningful way, and reinforce our ‘why’.  This campaign “You Are What You Drink,” is the ultimate intersection between the brand’s unique value proposition, and consumers’ yearning for a premium water that is pristine, ecologically responsible, and better for you.”

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