EarthxTV launches in the UK

The U.S. based global TV network, EarthxTV, has launched in the UK and Ireland with an exciting series of programmes to celebrate the people, places, creatures, and cultures that make up the Planet.

EarthxTV is focused on environmental and sustainability programming and initiatives and is available to audiences in the UK and Ireland on Freeview Channel 79 and Sky Channel 180, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The channel features hundreds of hours of entertaining and informative content, including original and acquired programming, short films, and feature-length documentaries from all over the globe, with engaging characters that provide a deeper understanding of the environment and the planet.

The channel’s popularity is peaking this November, coinciding with the United Nations Climate Action month and the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which seeks solidarity and action on global issues critical to tackling climate challenges. With 75% of UK adults being concerned about the impact of climate change and 76% of young people in the UK worried that environmental issues are not getting enough exposure on television1, the launch of a platform dedicated to delivering content on our planet packs a punch in raising awareness and driving actions to protect our environment.

EarthxTV offers viewers a guiding force for collective change by spotlighting stories and initiatives of innovators and visionaries who are changing how we view our planet and its resources. Programming includes:

  • Wildlife Heroes and changemakers on the frontline helping to protect our wildlife with shows like Eco Heroines, which covers the journey of eight eco-heroines worldwide on missions to rescue a local species from the brink of extinction, and Wild Wonders with Brooke, featuring 12-year-old South African conservationist Brooke Carter who has dedicated her life to protecting our planet’s
  • Delving deep into the wild to protect life above and below land with shows like Defenders of the Wild, which follows distinguished conservationist Ivan Carter’s journey to find solutions to create a balanced wildlife ecosystem, and The Lion Queen, a series documenting an unconventional love affair between a midwife from the city, Andi Rive, and 50 majestic lions she has pledged to protect.
  • Gastronomical tours of the world with thought-provoking lifestyle, travel, and food shows like EarthxTV Original Show Bike To Bites featuring biker Garrett Bess who hits the road to explore cities while discovering incredible and sustainable meals along the way, and Tasting Tasmania, where host Ben Milbourne takes off on a new whirlwind adventure circumnavigating and exploring the culinary paradise of his home, Tasmania.
    Exploring how built environments and our lifestyles can be more sustainable with shows like House of What?!, where audiences meet strange yet sustainable homes made from recycled and upcycled materials, and EarthxTV Original Chez Laurence with Laurence Carr, highlighting manufacturers of furniture, textiles, and other materials which are demonstrating circular, regenerative, and sustainable practices.
  • Getting up close and personal with natural disasters and extreme weather conditions with shows like Fatal Forecast, featuring leading scientists who are making advances to combat deadly forces of nature that can destroy nearly everything in their path, and Ocean Action Reports with Paul Watson, who interviews the heroic Captains and crew of the Sea Shepherd armada of ships patrolling the oceans of the

By spotlighting the planet in all its glory and vulnerability, EarthxTV aims to empower audiences increasingly attuned to the pressing issues affecting our planet with the knowledge that inspires positive action to correct the course of history in a world met with increased climate challenges.

EarthxTV is available to audiences in the UK and Ireland on Freeview Channel 79 and SKY HD Channel 180.

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