edie publishes new, free-to-download guide to decarbonising heating

Businesses exploring their options for low-carbon heating now have access to a new, free-to-download guide produced by edie and Centrica Business Solutions.

With heating across the domestic, commercial and public sector buildings accounting for nearly half of the energy used in the UK, there is much debate about the most sustainable technologies to avoid energy waste and to cut carbon emissions and fuel costs and help businesses make strides toward their net-zero targets.

The UK is heavily reliant on natural gas as a primary fuel source, not just for heating, but also for electricity generation. According to National Grid, around 85% of households use gas for heating, making it one of the most important sectors to decarbonise. As such, this is no easy task for businesses to explore.

This road is even more challenging to navigate given gaps in the UK Government’s strategies and with a general election on the horizon.

With this in mind, edie has worked with Centrica Business Solutions to produce a new, free-to-download PDF guide to low-carbon heating options for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

There are many considerations and challenges businesses will need to observe and overcome to implement changes and systems that help them reduce emissions from heating. This guide outlines all of the key facets which sustainability, energy and estates managers should consider and provides best-practice advice.

Features of the guide include updates on key policy changes, information on how to access government funding and practical support, and an array of real-world case studies from organisaitons including Heineken and Tetra Pak.


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