Energy Specialist Marketing Agency Commits To Net Zero Websites

North East PR and Marketing Agency – Scarab4 – has announced its ambitious plans to offer clients net zero websites as the business embarks on the journey towards carbon neutrality.

Scarab4 – headquartered in Blyth and with offices in Lowestoft – is the UK’s first full-service marketing agency to specialise in tactical marketing and PR to clients across the energy, net zero, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

The business has announced it is looking to find ways to reduce its energy consumption, improve its energy efficiency across all processes, and take steps to offset any emissions. And the agency is offering exactly the same opportunity to its clients with the introduction of net zero websites that are fully certified and accredited, and which demonstrate a business’s overall commitment to achieving the net zero target. 

It is estimated that the internet consumes 416.2TWh of electricity per year which works out to be more than the entire United Kingdom. From this metric Scarab4 has determined that, on average, each website page produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per view and, for a website with 10,000 monthly page views, that equates to a considerable figure of 211 kg of CO2 per year.

Speaking about the agency’s transition to net zero, Scarab4’s Website Developer, Vicky Bower commented: “We are working to reduce carbon emissions by making our web development practices more efficient and by adopting new coding languages. We already use renewable energy to host all our websites and are committed to offsetting excess carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

“Net zero websites make great use of compressed images, efficient file formats and lightweight fonts, avoiding bloated frameworks. In adopting these web practices, our clients can be assured they are using the most carbon efficient digital technologies and – with a recognised certification which is displayed on their website to demonstrate they have achieved this accreditation – businesses can prove to their clients, with real certainty, their absolute commitment to tackle climate change and meet the net zero target.”     

Delivering a range of marketing and PR services to the energy sector, Scarab4 works for a range of clients across the energy supply chain and prides itself on working with some of the sector’s biggest names.

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