Entravision Communications Corporation And The National Partnership For New Americans Join Efforts In National Voter Registration Campaign

Entravision Communications Corporation, and the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) organization, have announced they will collaborate through the “Vota Conmigo 2020” (Vote With Me) public service campaign, to reach out to hundreds of thousands of newly naturalized Americans of Hispanic heritage to encourage them to register and vote in the November 3, 2020 general election.

As part of the “Vota Conmigo 2020” campaign, Entravision Communications and NPNA will engage the Spanish speaking community, particularly those who have recently naturalized, through a series of broadcast and digital public service announcements promoting voter registration and participation leading up to election day. 

The Hispanic segment of new American voters represents nearly 40% of the estimated 5.3 million people who have naturalized since 2014, a multi-generational and multi-racial, majority women voting bloc that can impact the outcome of the upcoming elections.

The campaign has made available to the public an all-in-one interactive map created by the NPNA to inform the community about important general election dates and state-specific information. This interactive map provides links to local NPNA partners and supporters who can help facilitate voter registration, mail-in voting, and answer any other frequently asked questions, such as voter registration deadlines, requirements to apply for vote-by-mail, and direct links to obtain an official mail-in ballot.

The campaign’s spokesperson is Don Ramón “El Tuercas”, an animated character that presents the urgent call to those eligible to vote to exercise this democratic right. This is the second time Entravision and NPNA have worked together with this emblematic character, who was first introduced last year to lead a naturalization campaign with the goal of mobilizing as many Hispanic eligible residents across the nation to become U.S. citizens by 2020.

Entravision will also sponsor a phone bank event during its prime-time newscasts from coast to coast, on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, September 22nd, where the public will be able to receive real time phone assistance regarding voter registration and mail-in voting options. 

“Entravision has a long history of discussing and supporting the issues that are important to the Hispanic community in the United States. We are pleased to continue to work with the NPNA in this effort and provide our media resources, so the community can be informed and have the opportunity to vote in this historic election. With this campaign, we can reach hundreds of thousands of new American voters, encourage them to vote and in turn, exercise this important right of citizenship,” said Luisa Collins, Vice President for News, Social Affairs, and Wellness for Entravision.

“We are excited to work with Entravision on this campaign which speaks directly to the Hispanic community. Our efforts inform people of their electoral rights, encouraging them to vote and be actively involved in civic engagement. Newly naturalized citizens from Latin America and other regions have the potential to impact the outcome of this year’s elections and show their growing numbers, including in politically important states,” said Nicole Melaku, Executive Director of NPNA.

To learn more about the “Vota Conmigo” and NPNA’s “New American Voters Campaign”, you can access the following link: www.Noticiasya.Com/Votaconmigo

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