European Parliament votes in favour of all new cars and vans sold from 2035 to be zero emissions

The European Parliament voted in favour of revised regulation on C02 standards requiring that all new cars and vans sold from 2035 must be zero emissions.

This puts Europe closer on track to be net zero emissions by 2050 and fulfil its obligations under the Paris Agreement. It is a win for climate, air quality and is what EV100 members have been calling for to allow them to invest in Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) with confidence.

Effort from groups to the right of the political spectrum to cut the 2035 mandate to 90 percent were defeated while the parliament also rejected a loophole for the use of synthetic fuels in cars which would prolong the life of the combustion engine rather than placing focus on manufacture and take up of zero-emission vehicles.

Unfortunately some amendments from the Greens and the Socialist political parties calling for higher interim targets in the 2020s and 2030 which would require manufacturers to increase sales of electric cars sooner, were also defeated.

The battle is far from being over as the negotiations between the Parliament, the Commission and the Council will begin soon and several Member States have already taking conservative positions on the file.

Following activity over the last twelve months, we will continue to work with members to ensure that Environment Ministers hear the voice of leading businesses is heard in this crucial debate.

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