Exeter Northcott partners with Creative Industries Federation to stream Le Navet Bete’s Treasure Island

A trailblazing partnership has been set up to enable global audiences the chance to enjoy an hilarious version of a British classic – Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Le Navet Bete’s version of this swashbuckling adventure at the Northcott Theatre was one of the few productions able to play to a live socially-distanced audience over the Christmas period. With standing ovations and rapturous applause, audiences praised the show for offering much-needed laughter and escapism after a difficult year. Unfortunately, with tightening lockdown restrictions, the run was cut short but not before it was filmed and made ready for wider release.

Daniel Buckroyd, Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Exeter Northcott, said: “Having to close the show early hit both the theatre and the company financially but once again, we will adapt so that we can continue to offer fantastic experiences for our audiences whilst finding new ways to generate income and secure our future.”

Exeter Northcott is the first theatre to partner with The Creative Industries Federation and Little Dot Studios to promote a streaming to a world-wide audience in exchange for donations. The production will be available from 11 – 30 January 2021 via Perspective, a YouTube platform already offering thousands of subscribers unique cultural events. Although free to access, a ‘donate’ function has been added to the platform with a suggested donation of £10 collected by Creative Industries Federation on behalf of the Northcott charity and Le Navet Bete.

Terry Corby, Chief Commercial Officer of the Creative Industries Federation, said: “The creative industries are one of the country’s greatest financial and cultural success stories, but they’ve also suffered more than most during the pandemic – particularly businesses and institutions that rely on footfall and physical attendance to pay rent, bills and staff. 

“Adapting and exploring innovative new ways to reach audiences have been core themes for the entire sector, and we’re pleased to help play a part with this new scheme that helps homegrown businesses reach a global audience via YouTube.  

“This new partnership with Little Dot Studios means organisations like the Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Betecan tap into a hugely-successful platform that gives them the opportunity to access new audiences and new sources of income. We’re pleased to have them as the first trailblazing partners for the scheme, and wish them every success for their Treasure Island run. Ultimately we hope to open similar doors for even more creative businesses in the weeks and months ahead, so if you think this model might work for you, please do get in touch.”

Al Dunn of Le Navet Bete said: “Providing an exciting opportunity to introduce our accessible and unique brand of comedic tomfoolery to a much wider audience, we hope that this partnership will also encourage online audiences to venture out to a theatre near them to experience us live when venues can open safely once again.”

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