Fourdesire Launches “Plastic-free July…And More!” Campaign to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Foster Eco-friendly Lifestyle Behaviors

Fourdesire, a creative Taiwanese app design studio that offers innovative gamification mobile apps, is introducing their “Plastic-free July…And More!” campaign from July 29 to August 16, leveraging their popular Plant Nanny² app to reduce plastic pollution and promote environmental sustainability.

Through Fourdesire’s groundbreaking Plant Nanny, Walkr and Fortune City apps, users complete essential everyday tasks like managing their water intake, exercising and keeping on top of their finances in a fun, interactive and stress-free way.

Plant Nanny², the new-and-improved version of Fourdesire’s original Plant Nanny app, which received 10 million installations worldwide, boasts a simple design, user-friendly interface and is optimized for screens of all sizes. Each glass of water consumed simultaneously waters the app’s adorable plant, allowing both to thrive, and additional plants can be acquired to build a plant family. Water consumption goals can be customized based on individual body data and exercise habits, and the app includes automated reminders when it’s time to drink more water as well as rewards to keep users motivated and engaged.

“By taking care of a virtual plant, you’re also taking care of your body and cultivating healthier habits,” explained Wei-Fan Chen, producer of Plant Nanny². “One thing we noticed when our users shared their Plant Nanny² experiences was that most of them also included their own refillable bottles in their selfies. This insight inspired us to expand the positive impact of water consumption from self-care to eco-friendly. We’re encouraging people through our ‘Plastic-free July…And More!’ campaign to use thermoses and reusable bottles to maximize their well-being while minimizing their environmental footprints.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43 percent of Americans drink less than half of the daily recommended eight cups of water each day. With summer upon us and back-to-school season right around the corner, adequate water intake is timelier than ever. Keeping this objective top of mind, Fourdesire has partnered with Brand Ambassadors @sabzmartin, @fonfk08, and @msawayafit to promote the campaign.

To join the “Plastic-free July … And More!” campaign, submit a selfie – while drinking water from a refillable bottle – to #PlasticFreeChallenge with @plantnanny_us on Instagram.

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