Franklin Templeton Launches Nonprofit Board Leadership Program

The Global Citizenship Team at Franklin Templeton has recently launched the firm’s first Nonprofit Board Leadership Program in the US to connect interested Franklin Templeton employees with nonprofit board service opportunities in their communities and provide resources and trainings for effective nonprofit board leadership.

Franklin Templeton’s Board Leadership Program (BLP) goals are to provide organization matching, group learning and sharing forums as well as access to nonprofit governance, best practices, literature and resources.

Legg Mason, which Franklin Templeton acquired in 2020, had launched the BLP in 2011 to provide community-minded employees with the opportunity to serve a diverse range of nonprofit boards in the communities where they work and live. Global Citizenship transitioned the program to Franklin Templeton and expanded it to colleagues across the US.

On September 22, together with Business Volunteers Maryland, Izabela Bartkowiak, Global Citizenship Program Manager, hosted a virtual event where Franklin Templeton employees who serve on nonprofit boards shared their experiences as board members and answered questions.

The panel moderated by Julie C. Kernan, President and CEO of Business Volunteers Maryland, a nonprofit organization that strengthens the community by making strategic connections between people, businesses and nonprofits, featured Michelle Davila, Senior Associate General Counsel, Katrina Dudley, SVP, Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Brian Eakes, SVP, Financial Planning, Analysis and Strategies, Jarret Jessup, Senior Manager, Financial Analysis & Reporting and Dina Ting, Head of Global Index Portfolio Management.

“Serving on a nonprofit board of directors can be an incredibly impactful and rewarding experience. Professionally, individuals are given the opportunity to use their skills and talents, develop leadership skills, and meet a network of people from other employers. Personally, they can contribute to a mission they are passionate about, build knowledge of an issue, and be a part of positive change in the community,” said Bartkowiak.

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