FreedomeE launches to empower positive impact fashion designers and champion ethical production and consumption, by disrupting the industry supply chain.

FreedomeE, has recently launched, it’s a global community of fashion brands, suppliers, artisans, creatives and industry professionals committed to driving positive behaviour in both the production and consumption of fashion.

The focus is on responsible producers, who can benefit from FreedomeE’s production, marketing and distribution centres, starting with: Portugal, Brazil, USA, El Salvador, Panama, UK, South Africa, Bangladesh and Hong Kong.   FreedomeE will promote its members, offering a platform for them to showcase and sell their products and services direct to the public, cutting out the expense of the sales and marketing effort that so often restricts progress for these emerging brands.

A stringent selection procedure will ensure that members comply with FreedomeE’s proprietary 5-pillar metric for positive impact and sustainability, which align with the UN SDG directives: Social responsibility; Quality of output; Environmental accountability; and Technological and Economical efficiency.

Founder, celebrated Brazilian fashion designer Francesca Giobbi’s mission is to help rationalise the current system.  She says, “in my 27 years as a designer, and specifically in my last 5 years travelling the globe, I have learned that the fashion industry is losing values, losing talent and losing the battle for the planet.  The motivation for the fashion industry to unite and fix its ecosystem has never been higher, so the time is ripe for a platform such as FreedomeE to lead the way.”

The FreedomeE programme will accompany its members from initial garment design right through to the point of sale, mentoring and assisting them where possible to reduce unnecessary waste in the system and ensure ethical practice throughout.   The platform will become a marketplace for this highly refined group of brands to sell items from their collections direct to the public, a recognized space for a community of trusted brands that will be promoted by FreedomeE’s opinion former group.

Giobbi says: “We believe in leading by example.  That’s why we created ‘FreedomeE – Made4Better’.  By empowering key players in the fashion cycle – from models to salespeople and, crucially, consumers – we can build entrepreneurship at all levels, creating more freedom (the inspiration behind our name) for all those in the system to maximise their potential.  We’re here to disrupt, making a bold move to get fashion fixed.”

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