Friends of Animals unveils new “Silence Kills” campaign by Chemistry

The televisions screens of New York City residents will go dark this week when Friends of Animals, an international nonprofit wildlife advocacy organisation, airs its provocative ad spotlighting the fur industry.

The ad, created by Atlanta-based Chemistry, seeks to promote awareness of the cruelty involved in the use of fur for fashion from the animals’ points of view. Using just their voices, the ad depicts their terror as their lives come to an end.

The ad is part of FoA’s campaign in support of Intro 1476, the council bill introduced by Speaker Corey Johnson that prohibits the sales of any fur apparel.

“Friends of Animals is acutely aware that our television ad to promote the ban of fur sales in New York City is disturbing and graphic—two words which we normally avoid in our advocacy to promote respect for animals,’’ said Friends of Animals President, Priscilla Feral.

“Yet, many people, whether they’ve ever worn fur or not, know nothing about the lives of animals who become fur garments by either being trapped in the wild or electrocuted on a fur farm. We chose a direct and visceral campaign that is intended to appeal to basic humanity: most of us do not wish to inflict more violence and suffering into the world. Our ad serves as a powerful and poignant reminder—it’s the very heart of our message: if Friends of Animals doesn’t speak up for animals by allowing their suffering to be heard, the fur industry will.’’

FoA has joined with the FurFreeNYC coalition in pushing for passage of this historic legislation.

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