GlobalWaterWorks Salutes #RunningDry Movement and Invites Use of NRWA Savings Engine to Save Water, Save Energy and Save Money

GlobalWaterWorks, an organization committed to advancing the adoption of smart water technology solutions, salutes Mina Guli, water advocate and ultra runner, for her commitment to running 100 Marathons in 100 Days for one reason – to shine a light on the global water crisis.

Mina completed 62 marathons in 62 days before a stress fracture took her off the track, but not off purpose. The global running and water communities have rallied around Mina and have their sights set on 100 marathons in one day, this Sunday, Jan. 27, to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

“We encourage you to run if you can do so on Jan. 27, but you don’t have to be a runner to show your support,” says Mary Conley Eggert, Chief Innovation Officer of GlobalWaterWorks and one of the #100WaterHeroes recognized by Mina Guli. “Runners and fans alike can help fulfill Mina’s vision of making water-saving famous by tapping the new National Rural Water Association (NRWA) Savings Engine.

Discover Your Personal Water Use and Savings Opportunities

“In less than six minutes, the NRWA Savings Engine helps you better understand your personal water use and your opportunities to save water and the energy in water,” says Matt Holmes, Deputy CEO of the NRWA, whose organization introduced the NRWA Savings Engine in November of 2018 to educate customers on water use beyond the meter. “You can think of it as your starting line for smarter water management.”

Most of us take it for granted that water, clean water, will continue flowing from our tap. Did you know that in the U.S. your water utility delivers, on average, 300 gallons per household per day, or an average of 88 gallons per person1. This isn’t true around the globe as droughts like Cape Town experienced are requiring cities to place limits on water use. Here in the states, we continue to have a crisis of clean water in Flint, while hurricanes and wild fires strain our clean water supply from coast to coast.

#RunningDry Marathon/Challenge from now to January 27

Three Steps to Show Your Support

STEP 1: Take six minutes to go through the savings engine app to see where you use water and energy and to get your personal dashboard of savings tips.

STEP 2: Identify one way you will commit to save, and post on social media using the #RunningDry hash tag.

STEP 3: Tell six other people about Mina’s challenge and the opportunity to find their savings through the savings engine. Then, invite them to tell six others to take the challenge today!

“We’re not #RunningDry if I can help it,” said Bridget from Green Bay, a user of the Savings Engine App. “People here on Lake Michigan shores don’t think water saving matters, but our decision to reduce our shower time to five minutes saves 5,070 gallons of water and an estimated 654 kWh!”

Make your commitment today to #RunningDry because #EveryDropCounts

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