Goldman Sachs Issues $800 Million Sustainability Bond

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. has announced that it has settled an $800 million Sustainability Bond to accelerate climate transition and advance inclusive growth across nine core thematic areas: clean energy, sustainable transport, sustainable food and agriculture, waste and materials, ecosystem services, accessible and innovative healthcare, accessible and affordable education, financial inclusion, and communities. The bond is unique in that eligible categories are based on the above mentioned nine key impact themes that also underpin Goldman Sachs’ sustainable finance commitment. The commitment includes a target to deploy $750 billion across climate transition and inclusive growth by 2030.

The bond offering is aligned with Goldman Sachs’ broader integration of the aforementioned themes across our businesses and will further expand the bank’s role in catalyzing capital to address the pressing environmental and social issues facing society today.

“The launch of our first sustainability bond shows that investors can drive innovative solutions by using our firm’s extensive platform and resources”, said David Solomon, Chairman and Chief Executive at Goldman Sachs. “We’ve said building a low-carbon, inclusive economy is a business imperative, and now we’re demonstrating our commitment by using the same financial toolkit we recommend to our clients”

“We are committed to executing on our $750 billion target across investing, financing and advisory activities by 2030. The proceeds from our sustainability bond will advance our focus on climate transition and inclusive growth.” said Dina Powell McCormick, global head of Sustainability and Inclusive Growth at Goldman Sachs.

“Goldman Sachs was the lead book runner with a syndicate otherwise comprised entirely of diverse and minority led broker dealers”, said Carey Halio, Deputy Treasurer at Goldman Sachs. “The 5-year bond, which is callable in 4-years, will pay interest semi-annually at a fixed rate of 0.855% for the first four years, and then quarterly at a floating rate of SOFR+0.609% in the final year, if not called.”

Goldman Sachs unveiled its Sustainability Issuance Framework which was reviewed by Sustainalytics, a Second Party Opinion Provider and allows for future programmatic issuances.

Goldman Sachs will publish an annual update regarding the allocation of the proceeds which will include details on the expected and realized qualitative and, where feasible, quantitative environmental and social impact.

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