Graduates highlight issues they believe in by photobombing

Hridaynag Kooretti and Axel Livijn Carlman, two graduates from Miami Ad School, New York wanted to remind people of important issues by photobombing their memories.

Photobombing is when a person or thing unexpectedly appears in the photograph with the intent of spoiling the photograph. However, these individuals put a positive spin on it with a social message. “Our intent was simple, we wanted to raise awareness of these issues in a thought provoking way. Once we had the concept in mind, we set out to create the T.Shirts and Instagram handle @Thought.Bombs to provide more context” says Hridaynag.

Axel adds on “Scouting locations was not too difficult. We picked one of the world’s most visited tourist attraction, Times Square that has over 355,000 visitors every day. A billboard at Times Square costs up to $4 million a year, our initiative cost a mere $25”.

Causes highlighted as part of the initiative were “Eat less meat”, “Have more sex” or “Save the bees”. While the T.Shirts called out the cause in bold letters, Hridaynag and Axelspent time explaining the cause and the initiative to curious onlookers. They also used their Instagram handle to further explain why the cause was relevant and garner support. The duo encouraged their followers to tag them in their posts and help spread the message.

In a span of a week, the Instagram account gained over 700 avid followers. “We live in a world, where there are many things we need to take care of and be aware of but tend to forget in our busy day to day lives.

This initiative is a small step towards making the world a better place” concludes Hridaynag and Axel.

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